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The way you dress plays a fundamental role to rejuvenate aging or a person: some look, fresh, informal and casual, have the advantage of lowering in a considerable also the chronological age, while others, for various reasons, make it seem more large. With the right clothing styles and with a little “trick” in dressing you can look younger, fit as well as seductive. Simply follow our advice explained in this post.

Another head of clothing young and fun is the t-shirt, a mat indispensable during the warmer months

First, a principle that applies to all: when you are no longer girls, insist on dressing like a teenager not only can be ridiculous, but actually have the opposite effect, as the contrast between physical and look ends up inevitably bring out those characteristics instead of themselves that you would like to mask or hide. Measure, sobriety and good taste are therefore basic principles to keep always present. Without this premise, let’s see what are the items of clothing are most suitable and which ones to avoid.

The head young and carefree for excellence is undoubtedly the jeans: perfect to wear during the day, can be combined with the most stylish clothes and accessories, creating a contrast that gives irresistibly fashionable for women of all ages. Make sure that in your closet will not lack trousers jeans in various patterns and shades of color, a shirt and a jacket, ideal to take with him in mid-season and in the summer evenings cooler. For moments of relaxation, recreation and to carry out normal daily activities such as shopping or for a walk with the dog, the jeans you can safely combine with a nice pair of sneakers, while in the more formal occasions such as office or school or a business meeting, it is imperative to combine décolleté, a jacket and shirt with classic and precious with the jewel fittest. Only advice: excessively ripped jeans, studded torn and may be excessive after a certain age.

Another head of clothing young and fun is the t-shirt, a mat indispensable during the warmer months and that, without undue exasperation, does not fear the passage of time. The t-shirts are suitable for all sports look, they are practical, comfortable and manage to take off a few years from your face and body, especially when combined in the right way and be accompanied by a hairstyle and make-up appropriate. Any model of t-shirt is fine, provided they are not so short as not to cover the navel. The leggings, now all the rage, when properly combined, can also be worn by the ladies, it all depends “above” choice. In more formal situations, it would be better to add a classic cardigan with leggings or a long shirt rather elegant, while for all the days you can wear them with long t-shirts and shoes low.

The choice of colors also plays a leading role in the “rejuvenation” of a person

Black is always perfect and timeless, but make sure that it is not the only nuance always present in your wardrobe. Dress in black or with dark colors, may give the person a “sad”, which certainly makes it seem even older, do not overdo it, try to use bright colors and cheerful, or, if you really love the muted shades and dark, with unexpected and calibrated touches of color, you will immediately look more vibrant and youthful.

Now a brief rundown of clothing “in” and “out”, that you should definitely have in the closet and those to be banned instead. Among the first you can not forget the little black dress, a mat that solves countless situations and is really good to all, a knee-length skirt, a white shirt, a pair of sneakers, a jacket and classical already mentioned jeans, leggings and t-shirt, among the latter certainly insert skirts and dresses too short (the lengths are reduced, but not too much as twelve years old!), push-ups exaggerated (and plunging necklines in general), clothing and shoes for baby colors (blue and pink candy for example). Finally, do not forget that, even if effective, the right clothing styles is not enough alone to rejuvenate “in toto” a woman, who also inevitably requires a hairstyle and make-up of a sortiscano that the same effect: look, hair and makeup are in fact the mix of measures to aim to look more beautiful and younger.

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