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Why do dark circles appear and how to remove them?

Why do dark circles appear and how to remove them?

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Why do dark circles appear and how to remove them?

Why do dark circles appear and how to remove them?
Not resting what our body needs, maintaining an inadequate diet or not moisturizing enough may be some of the reasons that explain the appearance of the first dark circles . Do you know how to disguise them? Do not lose detail of what we tell you in our Beauty blog.

Why do dark circles appear?

Those pink and gray spots that appear in the lower eyelid of our eyes may be due to many different reasons, but the main tends to have a hereditary origin. And, is that, many men and women suffer from dark circles even if they are not tired.

Normally, dark circles are located under the eyes, where the skin is especially thin and delicate to the point that the veins are transparent under the skin. In addition to purely hereditary factors, due to the special morphological disposition of the vascularization seen through this thin skin, the dark circles may also be due to the type of skin surface, although the lack of sleep also has a significant influence , since causes a dilation of the blood vessels, as well as the footprint of the years and, is that aging causes the skin to become increasingly thin.

They could also arise due to lack of iron , which will cause a lack of oxygenation of the tissues and, consequently, the generation of blood clots in this part, all of this not to mention the loss of fat around the eyes.

There are different dark circles as can the pigmented , which may be due to an increase in melanin in the skin of the eyelids, either by genetic inheritance, atopic dermatitis or skin eczema. We could also talk about the vascular dark circles , characterized by a violet color. Because of the delicacy of the skin in this area of ​​the face it is possible to glimpse the blood vessels below. Similarly, another form of dark circles known as “Valley of Tears” , which is characterized by the presence of very marked grooves, ranging from the inner canthus of the eye to the cheek, the result of aging or by the decrease in body fat , would be highlighted. .

In addition to all this, many other factors could also influence its appearance, as is the case, for example, of diseases of a renal nature or conditions such as hypothyroidism. In these cases, the slow thyroid could be the cause of bags in the eyes, affecting a not inconsiderable 2% of the population. Along with these factors, we could also highlight others such as the accumulation of toxins in our body or the fact of maintaining an inadequate diet characterized by excess salt, insufficient intake of water or an increase in the consumption of processed foods.

How to remove dark circles?

It is convenient, especially when you do not often have dark circles under your eyes, that they are analyzed by a medical specialist, since they could be due to kidney or other problems.

-When dark circles are due to factors such as hyperpigmentation due to both the effects of the sun and the use of certain drugs, we can use depigmenting products to whiten this area, such as hydroquinone or kojic acid.

To avoid the appearance of new spots, in these cases it would be necessary to use sunscreen and avoid direct exposure to the UV rays of the sun. Laser or pulsed light treatments will be useful to eliminate the presence of this type of spots.

-If, on the contrary, dark circles are due to hereditary factors, the fundamental thing is to thicken the skin, stimulate circulation and avoid the appearance of edema. In these cases, when we use cosmetics, we must ensure that they do not contain exfoliating acids such as retinol, salicylic or glycolic because they would tune the skin. However, it would be advisable that they will carry hyaluronic acid to improve the absorption of water and make this area smoother, hydrated and elastic.

In the event that with the help of cosmetics we can not solve this type of problem, the aesthetic doctor could help injecting hyaluronic acid directly into the skin in a very small amount to achieve, with all this, thicken the skin in this zone.

Over the years this part of the body tends to sink and darken around it. In these cases, the ideal would be to inject cross-linked hyaluronic acid at very low concentration or collagen.

-In the event that dark circles are due to extreme tiredness or lack of sleep, we can resort to more natural treatments or creams such as those containing green tea and vitamin C , which significantly improve the presence of edema, eradicating it almost by complete, as with gingko biloba and caffeine itself, thus preventing blood clotting thanks to the application of vitamin K oxide, one of the most used products to treat dark circles. Likewise, prickly pear oil can also be of great help, since it is rich in this vitamin. Another means we can understand at this point is what is known

A natural remedy of the most effective is rose water , a natural tonic that is able to deeply hydrate and strengthen cells to reduce inflammation and regenerate tissues. To prepare it, we only need to heat about six petals of roses for about 40 minutes. Once we let it rest, we apply with cotton in the morning and at night.

The mint leaves mixed with lemon juice can also be very useful and rinse with cold water and dry with a soft cloth.

-As for the habits that we can follow to avoid the formation of dark circles, we will sleep the hours necessary for our body, at least eight or nine hours. We must also try to eliminate the makeup before going to bed that we can cause the formation of some edema.

Likewise, to drain our body we must try to practice exercise frequently, because in addition to fighting stress, we can bet on the production of cortisol with which dark circles could turn a darker color.

At the same time, we must try to reduce the consumption of alcohol , caffeine and tobacco, as well as drink at least two liters of water to keep our body hydrated and free of unnecessary toxins.

Regarding diet, we must include foods rich in iron, which will stimulate the supply of oxygen such as legumes, peas or green leafy vegetables such as spinach, as well as fruits rich in vitamin C and flavonoids such as orange or mango, as well as carrots rich in carotenes.

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