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The chin surgery is a surgical procedure that seeks to improve chin projection, achieving a remarkable improvement in the appearance and harmony of the face.
This surgery involves incision inside the mouth to create a pocket that will hold after the soft silicone implants give aesthetic form sought. It is a safe procedure that is performed under local anesthesia and recovery is relatively quick.

What you didn’t know about Cosmetic Surgery:  chin surgery

The prosthesis used is soft silicone and size before the operation depending on the characteristics of the patient. It Is fixed tissues under the chin and requires no changes, it is used for life, if the person wishes it can be even withdrawn at any time.

The procedure lasts about half an hour and initial recovery lasts a week.
Also you should take some precautions such as:

  • There may be swelling and pain in the area during the early days
  • There should be no bleeding after surgery
  • You have to take a soft diet for a week
  • It is necessary to put ice for 20 minutes every hour on the chin for a period of three days.
  • The first few days should keep a moderate rest at home, not exertion and stay calm.
  • No need to remove the tapes that the doctor placed on the chin.
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight or exercise.
  • The bathroom is no problem as long as the tapes do not get wet or injury.
  • You must take all recommended medication on time to prevent infection.

In case of discomfort, pain, heat, or strange sensations in the wound must immediately consult with the specialist.

The chin surgery is recommended for those who have recently retracted chin or the back. With surgery, the patient can greatly improve the jaw and get the desired image as well defined chin gives strength to the personality and harmonious balance to the face.

The mentoplasty can be combined with Rhinoplasty and/or chin surgery if neededed. Often the surgeon will recommend that in addition to chin surgery is performed either of these two interventions to achieve better results.

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