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What types of laser hair removal procedures are beneficial for you?

IPL photoepilation

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What types of laser hair removal procedures are beneficial for you?

Laser hair removal is, today, one of the most demanded in beauty centers. And it is not surprising, since its effectiveness and its benefits in eliminating unwanted hairs are multiple. But do you know all the techniques that exist and what differences are there between each of them?

What types of laser hair removal are there?

IPL photoepilation

IPL photoepilation is possibly the best known technique today. And the truth is that this type of laser hair removal is perfect for all types of hair: white, blonde, brown.. Although it is necessary that the skin is not very tanned. What this hair removal does is a sweep of the entire area to be shaved, thus ending all the beauty.

But despite its fame, it is one of the least effective techniques, so it will take more sessions to achieve total hair removal.

Diode laser

The type of laser hair removal uses laser diode that is one of the most common and that is what it does is burn hair by hair in that area who wish to treat. It is, therefore, a more effective technique, although perhaps a little more painful.

It is a very effective type of hair removal on dark skin, so with about 9 sessions it is possible to remove up to 90% of hair.

Soprano laser

This technique consists of making a pass over the area to be waxed, releasing repetitive shots of light to burn the hairs; that is, it does not burn hair by hair. While it is true that this makes it less effective and more sessions are needed, it is also true that it is one of the most painless techniques.

And, unlike other techniques, it can be applied to tan or brown skin.

Alexandrite laser

Finally, the alexandrite laser burns hair by hair thanks to its pulsed light. How? Well, the melanin in the hair absorbs the pulsed light and burns to the roots, including the bulb to prevent it from growing back.

Although this technique is perfect for those with dark hair and light skin; Furthermore, the less tanned the skin, the more effective it will be.

As you can see, there are different types of laser hair removal. To choose the best option, you will have to assess what your pain threshold is and what type of skin and hair you have. Thus, you can choose the most effective for you and the one that causes the least pain.

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