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What to do if your child start bullying

What to do in case of bullying


What to do if your child start bullying

What to do in case of bullying
Apparently, society is increasingly aware of the real problem of bullying. What should be a safe environment for children and adolescents becomes a daily nightmare starring their own companions. The effects of bullying are manifested emotionally, in physical health and even in academic performance. Parents are never prepared to face these situations and opening constant dialogues with their children is vital.

What to do when your child is being bullied

But when we discovered that our son suffers in bullying at school … What should we do?

The first thing is to show that we are the right people to waste all their confidence and commit to solve the problem. It is important to let him know that he is not to blame for what is happening to him and that he is not alone.

When we believe that our son has told us the details of his problem we will contact the school or institute’s address, as well as his professor and head of studies. We will alert them to what happens and we will ask them to act accordingly. We will consider the possibility of taking our son to the psychologist, so that he can let off steam and recover the strength he lost at some point.

Meanwhile, if the teachers are not able to stop the harassment we will contact a lawyer, with whom the possibility of reporting the bullies and / or the study center will be assessed.

It is important that throughout the process we stay positive to encourage our child.

What if our son was not the victim but the harasser? Sometimes parents find it hard to admit negative behaviors in our offspring. However, they do, like every human being at certain times. The problem is when those behaviors persist. How should we proceed?

Denying or blaming the victim will not only delay us from solving the problem , but could also support our child’s violent behavior or, worse, in the future lead to other types of violence.

Looking for help in psychologists and at the school or institute itself is a fundamental step. Together they must transmit the social norms to the child and take him out of that narcissism in which the stalkers tend to settle.

It is essential that we do not indicate you at home or isolate you, but you should never be excused for the harassment you practice or face the family that denounces the harassment. The objective will be to channel their aggressive behaviors and teach them to identify and talk about their dissatisfactions or frustrations.

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