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Once you have clear how to deal with it, you can put into practice certain tips for cleaning and makeup
The first thing I would like to tell you is that in an acne situation it is essential that you visit the dermatologist to give you the guidelines you have to follow, if you have to do any special treatment or what products you should use for your skin.

Once you have clear how to deal with it, you can put into practice certain tips for cleaning and makeup; but it is important that you treat the problem at the root.

The cleanliness of your face

Before you start to see which makeup is the most appropriate if you suffer from acne you have to keep in mind that keeping a clean and careful face is essential. For this you must use the products recommended by your doctor and regulate the fat of your skin.

The makeup

To camouflage the imperfections caused by the granites you can use green color corrector, since this tonality neutralizes the red color.

Next, apply the makeup base. If your skin is greasy, the powder format will be quite good for you. However, if you want to cover the grains to the maximum liquid bases that are oil-free have more coverage. But avoiding, in any case, that you promote the production of fat so that you do not get more grains. It is also not good that you put many layers thinking that this way they will cover better.

Makeup that does not clog pores

The makeup that is recommended for those who have acne is one that does not clog the pores and lets the skin breathe . On your label it will appear as non-comedogenic. And, as I have mentioned before, let it be oil free (both the bases and any other product you use). Also, if it is formulated with natural ingredients it will take better care of your skin.

Dryer lips

If you are taking any medicine to treat acne you may notice that your lips are especially dry. To counteract it, apply moisturizing products and add color with creamy lipsticks.

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