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Many moms experience swelling during pregnancy, although it is somewhat standard, other times it’s a sign of preeclampsia, a potentially dangerous condition for both mother and baby. The preeclampsia, sometimes incorrectly called toxemia, is the term that is referred to hypertension (high blood pressure) with complications during pregnancy. It is a potentially fatal pregnancy condition.

The preeclampsia occurs mainly in young gilts, usually during the last quarter and is diagnosed when a pregnant woman has these three symptoms simultaneously:

  • Pathological edema in the hands and face
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Presence a high amount of protein in the urine (proteinuria)

Note that the swelling of the legs does not count as part of the syndrome of preeclampsia because even though it is painful, is caused by the increasing weight of the baby. The main concern is when edema occurs in the hands and face, as the physiological reasons for this are different.

Many moms experience swelling during pregnancy

The doctor at each visit in addition to the physical exam, ask to check urine for protein (proteinuria) and also make blood pressure readings. This way you can assess whether the three symptoms that appear are preeclampsia and if so, act immediately.

The management of preeclampsia usually begins when excessive fluid retention and rapid weight gain occurs. The doctor suggests a diet with little or no salt, and about 48 hours of bed rest, except for meals and toilet.

After 48 hours, the pregnant again be evaluated. If the conditions have not been reversed, the obstetrician will increase the frequency of prenatal care and bed rest time.

If not pregnant and continue to improve hypertension and edema you need to be hospitalized to ensure the rest. In cases where the pregnancy is over 36 weeks, it is necessary to induce labor.

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