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What is new in fragrances: a scent for every type of blood

What is new in fragrances a scent for every type of blood

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What is new in fragrances: a scent for every type of blood

If something was missing to the world of perfume is inspired by the blood types to create and achieve new and original fragrances.
What is new in fragrances a scent for every type of blood
This is the proposal of the Italian Blood Concept distinguishes the different blood groups and make special aromatic combinations for each of them. The reasons maybe closer to what every body says of himself and exult chemical conditions of the body in pursuit of seduction.

Group O
The perfume is a scent of leather, consisting of thyme, raspberry, Cyperus esculentus and rosehip. It has touches of birch, cedar wood and metallic notes.

Group A
This presentation is very aromatic, which includes notes of green garden, tomato leaves, basil, star anise and metallic notes.

Group B
Wood is a composition of spicy black cherry red apple. In superficial aroma highlight the artemisia, pepper, pomegranate and black tea in the heart, patchouli, wood and metal in the base notes.

Group AB
It is a mineral composition with aldehydes and aluminum top. Stone and water in the heart notes of cedar wood and metal in the endnotes.

The creative
The founders of the brand, Giovanni Castelli designer fashion and co-founder of the brand Acqua di Stresa, and Antonio Zuddas an artist who works in advertising as a writer and photographer. They wanted to create a very special perfume because the blood is drenched in mystery, fascination and respect, is the most studied of the human body. This in turn is totally pervaded by a vital fluid that reveals the inner journey and a unique way of being. Blood Concept is then an event dedicated to the pulse of life and visceral momentum. In fact, is the river of life.
Together they have created four unique fragrances with a strong personality. Each composition is a mixture of elements relevant to the time when each blood type was born: O blood type is the first, the oldest, so it is deep and strong, like the first humans. Then comes A, when people began to eat vegetables and become more sedentary to make food in the land through agriculture. B comes when people begin to travel, meet other worlds, and thus to mix and food habits. The younger type is AB, born when people began to mix with different blood types (A + B).
All fragrances include metal notes and that is why they are very close to the true smell of blood, itself as the blood carries iron in its molecular structure.
All containers come in 40 ml. dropper, while 60 ml. are presented in the form of spray. Besides perfumes are unisex, you can use no matter what sex you are, rather it depends on what is your blood type.

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