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The professional makeup is becoming a profession with many prospects . More and more people are interested in the world of makeup on a professional level and who decide to transform their passion for makeup in the day-to-day life of their profession . There are numerous professional makeup courses , many of them taught by professional makeup artists and do not require extensive experience to sign up.

Professional makeup covers a wide variety of professional doctrines. Professional makeup artists must know both the use of products from different brands and eye techniques (shadows, eyelashes), lips, skin treatment (foundation, powders), etc. All this taking care of the skin and face of each person. A professional makeup artist should easily see what style and what professional products to use depending on the event and the person who is going to do makeup.

professional makeup artist

The professionalization of makeup is successful because more and more people find it necessary to hire professionals for social makeup , as can happen with hairdressing. This fact gives many job prospects for those passionate about makeup who want to turn it into their professional career. However, a professional makeup technician can have many more outlets in this world of work. There is generic or highly specialized training depending on what the future makeup artist or professional makeup artist is looking for.

Professional make-up for film and television

One of the sectors where professional makeup artists can work is film and television . Furthermore, makeup at this level includes many different techniques and jobs. On television, for example, different makeup techniques are used to apply foundation, as skin looks different on camera. However, the makeup look is natural : presenters must show a good image on television programs, reports, news, etc. It is one of the most common outlets for professional makeup artists.

On the contrary, in cinema (and also sometimes on television) professional characterization makeup is necessary . Experts in characterization makeup must know how to play with the skin and face of the person they make up, playing with color and textures, to create optical illusions, change the age of the actors, or even achieve inhuman and fantasy appearances. Undoubtedly, professional makeup of characterization at the highest level requires a specific technique and experience .

Makeup for fashion and beauty

Professional makeup artists can also work surrounded by designers and fashion models . The most important catwalks in the world need the makeup services of professionals. Once again, professional makeup in the world of fashion may require social makeup looks or more elaborate creations with impossible combinations of color in eyes and eyelashes, with shadow games that take into account the clothes with which they are worn. parades and hairdressing style.

Find out about intensive professional makeup course

Finally, one of the sectors where work for makeup artists has grown the most is social makeup. The demand for a professional make-up artist for more or less important events has increased, and this opens up the possibilities of employment in the sector. Normally, social makeup services are hired in a beauty salon (where we can at the same time enjoy a hairdressing service for the occasion), or with a professional makeup artist at home. In both cases, we will not have to worry about the products.

Some of the events for which people usually hire the services of a professional makeup artist are weddings, baptisms, communions, gala dinners, presentations etc. There are many styles for social makeup, which can be day or night and that it can look more or less natural. The important thing is that the make-up artist knows visagism techniques and takes the person into account to get his best image: hair and eye color, skin type, lip thickness, etc. All this will determine the products to be used and the most recommended techniques.

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