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Thicker and well-defined eyebrows in three steps

hicker and well-defined eyebrows

Eye Fashion

Thicker and well-defined eyebrows in three steps

hicker and well-defined eyebrows

For some years it has become fashionable to have some eyebrows more thicker and very well defined and delineated . There are people who are born with them, although the habitual thing is not to have them, being necessary to make some retouchings that, sometimes, are more complicated when they are excessively thin or the hair removal has been abused. In any case, with three simple steps you can get some spectacular eyebrows.


To have thicker, well-defined eyebrows, design is very important. It does not matter if they are thinner or not, the key is to give them the correct shape according to the face. To achieve this, a line should be drawn with a pencil at the base of the eyebrow, starting from the area next to the nasal septum and ending in the area near the temple. Then you have to draw a parallel line at the top , which goes from the inner area of ​​the eyebrow to the other end. With these lines, the space of what the eyebrows will be is already determined.


In the case that you do not have enough hair on the eyebrows or want to make thicker, the next step is to fill in accordance with the lines that have been drawn. It is a way also to camouflage possible imperfections. This filling can be done in different ways. One of them is with a specific pencil for eyebrows that has to have a color similar to natural hair. You can also use powdered products, as if they were eye shadows but are also specific for this area of ​​the face.

Next, you should pass a brush to comb them in the direction of their natural growth . Occasionally, it will be necessary to use scissors to trim the hairs that protrude from the delimited area.

Hair removal

And do not forget the waxing of the eyebrows either. With tweezers, you have to remove the hairs that protrude in the direction of their growth. To be sure before removing them, a good option is to brush first and touch up with the pencil so that they are perfect. Finally, you can apply a gel of eyebrows or fixer so that the hairs are always in place. Its application is simple, since you only have to give small touches upwards and in an outward direction.

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