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When it comes to work clothes, sneakers usually do not come to mind. For a job look we always think of moccasins or high heels, logically in the type of footwear that speaks of professionalism and maturity. But you have to be realistic, many times women can not do this.

At the top a basic shirt with good fall fabric, lightweight jersey or short blazer

When we are too exhausted to be in high-heeled shoes or our feet hurt a lot, sneakers are a magical and comfortable solution. Obviously it is not easy to incorporate them into the work outfit without us looking like dressed in weekend clothes, but it is not an impossible task.

First of all, the pair of sneakers has to be monochromatic and alternative textures to the fabric, like suede or soft leather. Then you have to combine these shoes with pants that are able to look formal but at the same time, relaxed enough not to be discordant with the sneakers.

The ideal pant is the black jean, cut cigarrette, because it is so versatile that it combines perfectly with any type of footwear and style, but there are other options.

At the top a basic shirt with good fall fabric, lightweight jersey or short blazer and gold jewelry give the finishing touch and make the whole team into a perfect work outfit.

The bag should not be combined with the sneakers, a small matte black handbag or patent leather with golden appliques is ideal to complete the look.

Finally, do not forget the hairstyle and makeup, a neat ponytail or a tall robe with a delicate makeup, give enough professionalism to the image.

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