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The situation boils down to this: We bought a garment that remains great, use it with pleasure and receive thousands of flattery. We wash and when we want to use again, bitterly discovered that has shrunk and we no longer have the same.

Frustrating it? Well, today I will give you some useful tips for these cases, but first let’s look at the reasons why the fabrics tend to shrink.
There are fabrics that shrink, and this does not mean that we can not afford to buy them
There are two reasons why this happens:

When the clothes are made, the fibers forming the fabric are twisted, spun and stretched. So when you wash them first, the fibers actually resubmitted its natural tension.

On the other hand, it is the progressive shrinkage. This occurs over time, because the garments can be smaller with each use.

It is because natural fibers and hair, have small cuticles. The more we use and wash clothes, these cuticles rub against each other causing pile up. Therefore, the garment shrinks.

Fabrics that shrink

There are fabrics that shrink, and this does not mean that we can not afford to buy them, but care must be taken to preserve washing the tissue.

Fabrics are:

Kashmir: Hand wash with cold water and dried spread over a flat surface without passing through the dryer.

can be machine washed with warm water in the cotton program, but hangs extended without passing through the dryer.
Linen can be washed in a washing machine but must be placed to dry the garment lying on a flat surface.
Hemp is machine washable but with a program of cold water and you have to hang the extended garment to dry, without spinning.
Rayon: a dry wash is required and place the extended garment to dry.
Modal: can be machine washed with warm water, and ideally hang widespread.
Gabardine: ideally , dry cleaning and drying flat surface.
Natural Silk should be washed by hand in cold water and dry on a flat surface extended.
How to reverse the contraction of a garment

Even in the worst case, it can reverse the clothes has rebducido a little.

This trick is very simple, remember that the fabrics have hair cuticles and therefore comes into play hair conditioner. The product does is to join the fabric fibers and maintain cuticles soft.

To use the garment dipped in a mixture of 2 tablespoons of conditioner per quart of warm water.
Once you let the garment sit, wrap it in a towel to remove excess water and let dry thoroughly on a flat surface.

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