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Types of Professional Makeup Artists in the trending fashionista world

Types of Professional Make up artists

Makeup Trends

Types of Professional Makeup Artists in the trending fashionista world

The Professional Makeup is an art that requires a great deal of creativity in playing an important role imagination, innovation and continuous learning. It is used primarily for the fashion and the catwalk, which come to you mainly through photography and television.

Types of Professional Make up artists

One of the main qualities that must have a professional makeup artist is knowing look: studying the face, the style of the person and the occasion for which it is applying makeup.

To be a makeup artist you must demonstrate a passion for this art. It is also required specific training and lots of practice, which will grant the necessary expertise to develop your own style of makeup.

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There are different types of makeup that foster creativity and professionalism of professional makeup artists, among them you find:

Photographic Makeup: This type of makeup looks makeup techniques for photographs, which are different from the rest because the lighting conditions or the reason to highlight the picture determine how makeup.

Makeup for Television: This type of makeup not only covers the employee for presenters and people leaving in this medium, but also includes the characterization of characters. In each premium special characteristics, for example for a television program to be adapted to the make up set lights and screen.

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Social makeup: It is named similar to the daily makeup. This is notable for its simplicity in light shades, fresh and natural.

Corrective makeup: This type of makeup is done to hide physical imperfections. With this type of makeup can hide certain physical aspects such as dark circles, blotchy skin, shape features, refine the nose, etc.. On the contrary, we can highlight some of our natural virtues.

Artist Make up: It is a special occasion makeup is very elaborate and colorful shows and spectacular results: fantasy makeup, body makeup or body painting.

Bridal makeup: In this type of makeup used a very subtle techniques that enhance the beauty of the person for this special day.

The best way to learn is to conduct training in a highly qualified center. For this there are some professional makeup courses that prepare and train to work in key sectors such as fashion shows, photo shoots, TV Shows, Movies, Festivals, Events, Bridal Makeup, Fantasy.

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