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No woman escapes the fascination with shoes, no matter you are heeled or flat shoes for women, we all love to have diversity of models in our wardrobe. We take every opportunity as an excuse to show off.

Among the various types of footwear, flat shoes (or simply flats) have an important place, as well as being comfortable there are styles for everyone. Discover what the different types of flat shoes are and choose the one that best suits your needs.

Types of flat shoes trendy for 2013

Despite being a convenient option, the flats can also be stylish, just pick the right pair and see that you have a pair of shoes for every occasion.

Flats for everyone Moccasins

Moccasins: Classically Moccasins are the perfect complement for both an executive wardrobe or for a casual departure. In this case, the material is what gives the time in which you can wear. A pair of shiny leather loafers enhances a wardrobe for the office, while the moccasins of other materials and colors may help you look with a pair of jeans, shorts and dresses.

casual type the ballerina flats are the most recommended
Ballerinas: For a more romantic look and/or casual type the ballerina flats are the most recommended. You can get them in a lot of colors and prints. Also, this type of shoe usually comes with embellishments like ribbons, beads, etc. To properly show off the best costume is a dress or skirt to the knee.

Slippers for more sporty
Slippers: If your style is more sporty, the shoes are must-haves in your closet. Currently there are several models that deviate from the stereotype ta sports and give a very feminine look without forgetting the comfort of these shoes. You can play with color to achieve an original look, and for the more daring there bold prints and neon colors.

flat peep toe can be very elegant
Peep toes: If you thought that was exclusive to this model high heels are wrong, because a flat peep toe can be very elegant and help you achieve the vintage style while you’re comfortable.

Flat sandals are a classic in the female wardrobe
Sandals: Flat sandals are a classic in the female wardrobe for the spring summer season. The success of this type of flat shoes is that you can use with any style and the right model can help you show off your legs in skirts and dresses.

Flats ethnic

Flats ethnic: This is a recent acquisition in the world of fashion, because the prints, beads and colors of Indian culture. Most are made by hand and can be found under the name of “jootis”.

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