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The granites are one of the main problems that many women face. And not only we refer to acne, but those who appear with some frequency and, above all, in the most inopportune moments and when you need to be radiant. In many cases, these granites are associated with a lack of hygiene or inadequate cleaning of the dermis. Whatever the case, here are some tips for you to solve this problem.

if the skin has a tendency to acne, a good option is to choose night creams that incorporate active ingredients or have astringent

Facial Cleansing

One of the keys to maintaining a clean and granite-free face is facial cleansing. The best solution is used to clean antiacne gels to avoid that the pores are clogged or unclog those who already are. For a better application, the gel is spread on the face with an electric cleaning brush or with a sonic massager . Thus, impurities are eliminated thoroughly, in addition to activating the skin to enhance the beneficial effects of cosmetic products you use for daily facial care.

Day creams

In addition to cleaning, the day creams used are essential. In this case, we must not forget that they must incorporate UV filters to protect the dermis from the harmful effects of the sun . But it is not the only protection the skin needs. It is also necessary that the cream becomes a real screen against pollution and pollution of everyday life in cities.

Night creams

And the third key to having clean, granite-free skin is in night creams. It is always preferable to choose those that repair the skin and provide comfort to the dermis. However, if the skin has a tendency to acne, a good option is to choose night creams that incorporate active ingredients or have astringent, sebum-regulating and soothing properties to prevent the appearance of granites and excess sebum in the dermis.

Tips to blur facial wrinkles

Keeping skin smooth and wrinkle-free is one of the challenges and goals of many women. Achieving it is not easy because the appearance of the expression lines does not depend only on age. There are times, that wrinkles are gestural. Whatever the case, remedies and tricks can always be put in addition to providing care. With these tips that we are going to tell you, you can blur wrinkles so that they go unnoticed.


To help blur the wrinkles of the face, the night cosmetics is a perfect ally because, multiplying their profits at night, makes the skin look much smoother appearance. The best creams in these cases are all those that are called night creams. The key is not another that has an important antioxidant function , which makes it difficult for cells to age prematurely.

Smoother face

And, to delve deeper into that concept of smoother skin, there is still another set of tips that can be put in place. The best alternative is cosmetics that has a peeling effect. Within it, it is preferable to choose cosmetic products that are lotions or creams with glucosaline or salicylic acid because they have an exfoliating effect with which it is possible to renew the texture of the skin.

Using these creams and the cosmetics that we have indicated, you will quickly notice the positive effects on the complexion, since it will look smoother and more uniform , apart from having a more youthful appearance.

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