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5 Tricks for a perfect eyeliner

always use thin lines that give the illusion of a larger eye

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5 Tricks for a perfect eyeliner

When eye makeup is important to understand what your shape and as we highlight them or conceal any aspect.

To do the liners in any form are perfect. The important thing is to learn to use them correctly, very cumbersome and takes practice to make it look really good. In this paper we propose some tips to make your delineated never fail.

Many times it is necessary to take both makeup and just a touch in the eyes generate the framing just look at her. This always need concealer, mascara and eyeliner. But the latter is perhaps the most complicated step if you do not have much practice. Pulse is also key to avoid runs. Then there’s always handy to have perfect eyeliner that we will use (liquid, powder, gel, fiber, pencil, etc.). And a small brush to shape and correct small errors.

always use thin lines that give the illusion of a larger eye

Step by step eyeliner

1. The delineated applies overseas and flush eyelashes. Always after the foundation, concealer or highlighter and eye shadows. The last step should be the application of mascara.

2. To begin, always in front of a large mirror with good lighting. Support the hand that is used to make the outline on the cheekbones (if no pulse therefore also elbow on a table) with the idea that it is completely fixed.
3. Keep the closed eyelid and slightly lift a finger to stretch the skin and thereby facilitating the stroke in the folds. Start with a thin line and then see if we like. This way you can easily fix in engrosarla or stumping with a brush.
4. To make it very easy to position the liner flush with the upper lashes and draw some small dots on the upper eyelid. Then bring them all completing the line.
5. Similarly we proceed with the line under the tabs.
6. To complete the look remains, always apply plenty of mascara and that give special highlight.

Not all types of eyeliner can be used like or require the same skill

Many types are delineated and all carry forward with this technique the points. The important thing is to identify what goes best with the shape of the eyes and face.

Outline as eye shape

In big eyes: This type of eyes should be fully delineated, always use eyeliner all around the eye. To close them a bit and give the illusion that they are almond shaped outline always a V horizontal at the outer corner of the eyes.
never ever delineate only the upper part of the eye, because they will be much larger.

In small eyes: always use thin lines that give the illusion of a larger eye. You have to draw the eyelid as close to lash line and extend only a little in the corners. In the bottom of the eye is also used very thin.

In almond eyes: are supposed to be provided so that the most can be tweaked in any way.
feline look is ideal on delineating the top and then stretched a little corner filled with black either. The bottom line herself up with and joins with the previous.

In Chinese eyes: what is sought is much larger. To do this make a wing-shaped line (the V horizontal) that helps to open the eye. Thick pencil delineate the top of the eye and in the bottom half just outside the eye. Extend it to attach to the top and thus created a wing.

Eyeliner in fiber for a lengthy and error-delineated

Not all types of eyeliner can be used like or require the same skill. For women who are just beginning in this art the best is to go for eyeliner fiber used to create all sorts of looks, from soft with fine lines to the famous “cat eyes.”

This the Super Liner Blockbuster, of L’Oreal is the perfect tool. A new super bold liquid liner high precision. Your generous felt tip ink soaks to accurately mark the line but not dripping. It is long lasting (8Hrs) a very soft to apply. Ideal for the most inexperienced.

With these helpful tips no excuse not to create sexy and glamorous looks that will suit any look, day or night.

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