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The cosmetics industry today has come a long way, but it is also a fact that the vast majority have not stopped using ingredients that are toxic to humans.

Many products for hair have ingredients that are harmful Toxic chemical ingredients, which does not make a difference in the health of the hair, but may have undesirable effects on the body.
shampoos and conditioners, lotions and gels has adverse effects on the body when there is an exposure

Isopropyl Alcohol

This compound is used in lacquers, volumizers products, hair sprays, gels and antifreeze. Secativo effect has thus damages the hair fiber, and is very damaging to hair that has suffered chemical treatments.


This compound has adverse effects on the body when there is an exposure, and unfortunately is present in shampoos and conditioners, lotions and gels. It’s basically a solvent, which can further irritate the scalp.

Sodium lauryl sulfate

Also known by the acronym SLS, Aquarex methyl or ammonium laurel. It is a common ingredient in shampoos and industrial detergents, and its action is to remove the fat and moisture in the hair, leaving unprotected and extremely damaged hair fiber.

Polyethylene glycol

The PEG or polyethylene glycol is commonly used in cleaning industrial machinery, such as furnaces accumulate a huge percentage of fat. Also commonly found in cleaning products in the kitchen, and unfortunately in some hair shampoos.

Coal tar or coal tar

This compound is a known carcinogen, and yet, even today it can be found in many shampoos (especially to combat dandruff). Appears under the Polytar nomenclature or clinitar, and should avoid any product that has, especially when suffering from allergies or asthma.

Diethanolamine, triethanolamine and momoethnanolamina

Marketed under the symbol DEA, MEA, TEA, these compounds are very harmful because when the body is over exposed to them can alter the natural production of hormones and also contribute to the formation of nitrates and nitrosamines (substances that increase the risk of developing cancer).

Usually present in many products that make foam, and also in some creams .

Aminomethyl propanol

This compound is a leveler of pH and is found in dyes and straighteners and other hair care products.
It is very dangerous when used at levels above 2%, and the truth is that many hair products have more of said.

Formalin and derivatives

Ureas are derivatives of formaldehyde, in particular
formaldehyde donor Ureas are particularly imidazolidinyl urea, and DMDM hydantoin. Avoid will deteriorate the body’s defenses and can cause anything from chronic fatigue to headaches and allergies.

Mineral oil

This consists of more that seems innocuous, is drawn up following crude oil. While not a toxicity to the body itself is harmful to hair and overlying skin and hair and prevents it can be oxygenated, which carries severe consequences.

Dyes and fragrances

They are synthetic compounds, many dyes derived from coal tar and fragrances can hide thousands of other Toxic chemical ingredients capable of generating rashes, allergies and various health problems.

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