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Many women have hair on their face and they propose hair removal or the use of bleaching creams . An option that is not always the most appropriate, since it is more suitable for a type of hair. In addition, it also requires subsequent care and a series of precautions so that no damage to the skin occurs.

allergic reaction

Hair type

The bleaching cream is ideal only for short facial hair that is not very thick . And is that, otherwise, even if you apply the product, the most normal thing is to continue seeing. The reason is not another one that this product is not thinking to remove the hair, but to clarify its color so that the cream penetrates its outer layer to oxidize it and thus produces a reduction in its tonality.


In addition to the type of hair, when using the bleaching cream you also have to take into account the area of the face on which it is going to be applied because it is not an ideal product for all. In particular, it is a solution that, in general, works only well with the hair that is on the upper lip , as well as the one located on the part of the cheeks . In other areas, you do not get such good results.

Use tips

To use the bleaching cream it is important to follow a series of advice before and after its use. For example, it is essential that before applying the product on the face, a previous test is done on another part of the body . This way it will be seen if it produces some type of allergic reaction without having to show the rash on the face.

In addition, it is very important not to apply this cream near some areas of the face such as the mouth and nose. It is not good that it is in contact with mucous membranes . In this way, caution. And, after using it, the care continues. It is convenient that you do not take the sun or expose yourself to the solar rays until 24 hours after its use. You can not apply creams in the area because they will irritate your skin.

Do not forget that between application and re-application it is advisable to let pass a minimum time, which is 72 hours. Otherwise, even if the bleaching cream does not produce an allergic reaction , a similar reaction may be generated and the skin may be excessively irritated.

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