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Surely, you will already have several days incorporated into the work after the holidays. And, back to the routine, it touches eating at work every day or occasionally. A situation that causes many people to gain weight. However, it does not have to be this way. Just follow a series of tricks to choose well what is eaten and when preparing food, if it is made from home. With a few simple tips, you will not get fat and even lose a kilo.

Do you eat out of the house? Infallible tips for not getting fat

In the restaurant

When you do not eat at home for work, occasionally or always make food in a restaurant because the company usually have some agreement or tickets are given to the employee. On these occasions, it is always good to choose the dishes that are going to be taken and, if possible, opt for a restaurant with a varied offer and simple food.

A very common mistake, which can make you fat, is to have a snack while waiting for them to serve. If possible, it is best to do without it or just take it from time to time. And beer and fried , which usually take, add up many calories . In case you can not avoid it, opt for the pickles and for a drink without any alcohol or sugar.

At lunchtime, you must follow another set of guidelines. For example, beware of the bread . Do not start eating it before the meal or while you are waiting for the dish because you will eat more. If you have eaten it, do not order another muffin.

The menu must be analyzed to choose the healthiest option. The best thing to do is always ask for a salad or vegetables to continue with dishes that do not have sauces or include batter or fried. It is always better grilled meats or fish , oven, ember … Anyway, you can compensate . That is, if you take a second course with fried – although it should not be the usual – first take a salad dressed with a little oil and vinegar.

And what to do with the dessert? It is best not to take it, especially if it includes sweets. If you can not do without it, choose a piece of fruit or choose to take an infusion, which also helps you to do the digestion because it soon touches back to work.

Homemade food

In the event that you have to take food prepared from home, you can follow other guidelines. The tupper does not always limit because there are companies that have zones to heat the food so you can eat just like at home .

But what if there is no such possibility? The alternatives come from preparing cold dishes that are complete. For example, you can take vegetables with a serving of protein like turkey breast, a stew with ham, pasta or vegetables. It is important not to use sauces, which is usually done so that the food does not dry up, juicy if you use the vinaigrette that has fewer calories.

And another alternative is to use canned preserves the nature, which come in handy for fish. A rich meal can be a salad to which you add canned tuna or a can of sardines. It is a complete dish, rich and fast and simple to make.

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