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Tips for using an eyeliner: Small makeup school

Tips for using an eyeliner Small makeup school

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Tips for using an eyeliner: Small makeup school

The instructions for an eyeliner helps women with the right technology and to attract the right selection of perfect eyeliner products.

An eyelid lift their eyes out and lets them appear visually expressive. However, the application for many women is not easy task. Through a detailed guide for eyeliner, it can be easy, however, almost for everyone. First, Fix the eye form, that is an important part. For almond-shaped and narrow eyes the eyeliner should not be attached to the inner corner of eye. To achieve an optimal effect, the stroke end point is slightly curved upwards. With round eyes from the inside of the eyelid by moving to the outside so that the eyes appear optically.

Tips for using an eyeliner Small makeup school

There are two reliable methods to draw a perfect eyeliner

For beginners, is called the “dots method”. These small dots are painted close to the lash line so that they can be connected later to a complete and clean eyeliner. The advantage of this method is that you can deduct the eyeliner more often. For this reason, this method is very good for beginners.

The second method is suitable for advanced students. The eyelid is drawn with the index finger to its temple, but not too tightly. Then easily drag the eyeliner from the inner corner of your eye lid to end. This is also true, especially close to the line drawn by the lash.

The selection of a suitable product for every situation

In the instructions for a distinction between classic eyeliner and liquid eyeliner. The kohl eyeliner achieves a natural and ideal for the day make-up. It is best to wear then on, eye shadow so that the eyeliner last longer.

Liquid eyeliner however looks glamorous and dramatic, depending on the thickness for the perfect look. Thus it can be excellent use for going out. But the application is somewhat more difficult. Errors are more easily visible, and it needs more time to dry. Therefore it is important to close your eyes for a few seconds after applying.

In the end, dirty places are removed with a cotton swab. There are no limits in the choice of colors.

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