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Tips for skin care before summer arrives

Skin Care Guide

Tips for skin care before summer arrives

Starting the hottest season of the year, with the heat and humidity will change your body. Superficially, skin and other parts of the body begin to suffer the effects of the season: dry, burns, wrinkles and excess moisture are some of the evils that brings the time. For the body to be well prepared to protect from summer it requires specific care, which are described in the following lines.

Antioxidants are found in oils, nuts and fish, also in vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, asparagus, tomato or carrot

The environment may become an enemy of the skin and hair if you are not prepared to cope with changes. Although care should take place throughout the year, it is important at this time when the skin is much more exposed, intensify and modify some others.

Cleanse the skin

All treatment assumes a good polish or scrub at least once a week to sweep all residue of dead skin that accumulate in the winter and also the products that we use to penetrate the skin better. To do this, use the beauty center or at home exfoliation will be useful in furthering of cell regeneration.

Moisturize more: If you start to see that the skin cracks or dry in areas where this has not happened before, it’s time to switch to a more moisturizing cream.

Enclosures should be very nutritious for oily skin but not in excess as this causes clogged pores. The market offers several varieties of gels, milks and creams are absorbed soft very quickly and effectively penetrate the skin. The choice is also desirable to provide some active ingredients that are inflammations and refreshing, much needed for hot days.

All routine care should always be accompanied by daily cleaning, which favors removing impurities and residue remaining mainly in the face.

Prevent disease and mycosis

Fungi accumulate heat certain areas that are covered with clothing or footwear can cause fungus growth in various parts of the body. The most common ones are the feet and back (small white spots).

To avoid them, it is key to use light clothing cotton fabric very long time and not leave wet clothes on (at the gym for example). For the feet it is best to maintain hygiene powder and why not, a good pedicure that ensures that the skin in the area is in a position. Regarding the shoes, you should keep the foot ventilated and if you can bare feet to rest at least one time in the day.

Sun protection

Guards: every day there is less excuse for not putting sunscreen. Whatever color or skin type, it is always necessary to protect the areas most exposed to the sun. At this time the shoulders, face and feet are the first areas that are in contact with UV rays. So that they are as harmful us is convenient to start with a high protection of the skin which is as white. There are many brands, sizes and types of protection. Even in different textures to suit all skin types.

Makeup: If you wear makeup hitherto protected, now is the time. More and more variety and brands offer bases in FPS formulas of different intensities. The most common is SPF 20, ideal for when you spent all day on the street and the face needs to be protected. This avoids the use of some sunscreen before makeup. The most advisable in this case is freely choose lighter in texture and lasting many hours.

Integrated Care

Food and water: a good intake of fruits and vegetables and foods rich in antioxidant vitamins such as A, C and E and increase water consumption are two habits that help skin look prettier.

Antioxidants are found in oils, nuts and fish, also in vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, asparagus, tomato or carrot. At this time are very important because they prevent cell degeneration, help in the regeneration process (in scars and acne) and contribute to increased blood flow to the skin.

Finally, in the skin cares not forget that when it starts to get hot products are advised not very oily or heavy, because due to sweating skin is difficult to absorb. It also should be removed or avoided acid products, as the sun can cause unwanted skin blemishes.

At this time of year when summer is so close, you have to start with all this care and attention that we will ultimately see better and be better prepared for the effects of sun, heat and humidity.

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