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Thread hair removal: learn how to do it

Thread hair removal learn how to do it

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Thread hair removal: learn how to do it

An ancient technique is all the rage in the centers of beauty in Western countries. This is the thread hair removal, native to East and very popular in India but which allows to remove hair from sensitive areas with minimal damage and with spectacular results.

Indeed, this is simple system but keeps level of expertise and skill; it is less painful, as effective as waxing and much less aggressive to the skin.
Thread hair removal learn how to do it
Normally, hair removal is usually applied to thread eyebrows, is ideal for this area. But if you dedicate yourself to learn the technique, you can use it anywhere in the body. The good news is that if it turns out well, just not done waxing. No damage as possible, so only a matter of practice. Of course, in many spas and implementing simple and inexpensive technique of hair removal.

Thread hair removal is based almost exclusively on the ability of the person who performs it, simply because it takes a fine cotton thread, like the one used for sewing. Then the person holding the floss between your teeth and screwing it between the fingers of both hands, then proceeds to wipe the area to be treated so as to remove the hair, even the finest wax can not take.

And while it is common to use the thread on the face (eyebrows, upper lip, chin) can also be used in any part of the body with wax epilation: dug, legs, underarms. Once learned the method is fast, very cheap, painless and without contraindications. With no heat or chemicals, sensitive skin or allergies suffer much less. The muscles and skin tissue, do not suffer long term damage pulls the wax, such as loss of tone or sometimes swelling of the lymph.

Another advantage not least for people concerned about the environment is that it is organic, because the only thing used is a bit of sewing thread and technical way it is applied.

It may even cause some pain in thick hair too long. It cut a little area to be treated before applying the technique. In faces with severe acne should not also apply the technique, it would produce irritation. It is important to emphasize again that the ability of who performs the technique is what guarantees the best results.

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