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There is also a tendency to wear makeup

wearing the defects typical of the face without having to constantly plug them

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There is also a tendency to wear makeup

The face natural , no base, no mascara, no nothing at all is what makes rage among women worldwide. Famous or not, the trend is accepted as is and not covered with stains that although both make us look good, do not give the natural image that represents us. For routine day for the gym or for a weekend evening, nothing better to put aside all cosmetic products and adopt a clean, fresh face with good hydration and radiance.

wearing the defects typical of the face without having to constantly plug them
No more looks overloaded with bases that cover the skin in a thick layer, delineated characters, dark shadows, voluminous lashes and lips hyper full color. Although the use of makeup is cute and generally favors all women because it highlights her features, should not be adopted as a way of life. It is also important to have a vision of what is a not much penalty on your image, wearing the defects typical of the face without having to constantly plug them.

Luckily, to accompany this vision that is so comfortable and so real, in which every woman is aware that the ideal of beauty there is not much less perfection for the tendency to wear makeup. And just who promote this perfection are most behind this trend of going through life “natural”.

The famous celebrities are the best spokespersons to be “themselves” at some point in the day, away from the flashes and public exposure. Some even ridicule themselves showing compared to the natural and at work.

The famous compraten always admire both your special moments and beauty tips on social networks, especially through Instagram. But as use the media to give their best version also dare to upload your selfie without makeup, with the idea of ​​promoting a more earthly beauty and realize that I am not perfect those women who represents the red carpet, but much more normals that one imagines. Under the hashtag #nomakeup many actresses and singers in the world dare displayed without filters as they are. From Kim Kardashian, Cameron diaz, until top models like Gisele Bundchen, although not created also have dark circles, spots on the skin, relieves, acne, etc.

Gwyneth Paltrow, one of the leading celebrities without makeup this fashion, at age 42 has no problem in showing unretouched and makes cult of healthy life that lets you look good and rejuvenated. The actress commitment to diets rich in fruits and vegetables, exercise and drink plenty of water. Definitely a good example of how you can keep body and glowing skin at any age without worrying about the brands over the years that inevitably come to us all.

Makeup is a surefire way to hide all weapon, but is never permanent, for more treatments we do or products we use, the face will always have its peculiar physiognomy and some defects will be forever. We must begin to boast of natural beauty and then carry it everywhere. Yes, it is key that the skin look healthy, hydrated cleaned because there is no greater natural shine and brightness than a moisturized face.

Moreover, it is highly recommended that the skin breathe from time to time, since being constantly makeup does not sweat properly. And risk start generating sebum in the pores and therefore become much more fat. Therefore although also spend several days without makeup, cleaning routine should never disappear, it is the best ally of beauty.

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