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The large drawers, those panties “Grandma” are incredibly back. It sounds strange truth, but more and more women in the world are turning back to underwear covering over the rear and are mostly cotton.

The truth is that this kind of underwear has much more benefits than colaless or thongs, here are some of them:

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They are comfortable

It is an underwear to cover the rear, offers more comfort in some cases, over all when compared with vedetinas. They also protect the skin of hard tissues such as jean, somewhat favorable for women who have very sensitive skin friction.

Allow display without exaggeration

Even if you like thongs, one can not deny that men have a predilection for women when they wear female boxers.
These pants help to be free from social conventions, and embrace the body without showing absolutely everything.

They are ideal for “those days”

Female dressings and thongs are not the best combination. When you are in those days, the biggest panties can be much more comfortable if you use pads that prevent them from run and unforeseen generated.

On the other hand, arguing over the abdomen, help calm some cramps that plague us These days of the month.

No mark rolls

High waist pants help shape the silhouette and prevent the rolls are marked.

As we know, when the body tissue receives a constant compression ends being marked, so avoid these pants typical of low waist jeans that Lasa curves widens considerably.

Hold the fabric

When you have a bit of sagging or extra kilos, this type of underwear offers greater support and prevents clothes look bad.
In addition, there are versions designed to act as strips , which shape the silhouette.

Prevent urinary tract infections and fungi

Large panties, to better meet the female genitalia, prevent the skin is in contact with infectious agents (especially when we thongs and skirt short).

On the other hand, if they are cotton, favor the oxygenation of the area, avoid accumulation of moisture and therefore the growth of fungi.

Al Unlike thongs, these pants do a bridge between the anal and vaginal area, preventing common bacteria in the vagina anus access.

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