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Whenever you talk about eyeliner , you tend to think that it should be black . However, it doesn’t have to be that way, at least, every time you put on makeup. And there are many more tones you can use. Also, depending on eye color, black may not be the one that suits you best. Here we are going to give you some tips to choose the most appropriate shade , apart from telling you other tricks that will be very useful for makeup.

The eyeliner of color can be, in many occasions, a perfect ally to highlight the eyes more


The eyeliner of color can be, in many occasions, a perfect ally to highlight the eyes more. In addition, its use does not always have to be limited to more sophisticated styling or makeup .

In fact, the eyeliner of other colors can become a perfect substitute for traditional black or brown . But how to choose it to favor? The key is in the color of the eyes.

For example, people who have brown eyes are the luckiest because practically any color will favor them, being able to choose from a wide range of colors such as blue, green or lilac. However, if they are hazelnut brown , feel better an eggplant eyeliner .


For women who have the eye color blue , a good option is the eyeliner blue tone, but always carefully because it is not good that the hue to match the 100% that of the iris.

Usage tips

When a vivid color eyeliner is used , caution must be exercised with the rest of the makeup, especially the eyes. Thus, it is always better to wear a black mask with eyeliner that are of other colors.

And you also have to be careful on the contrary. Ie if you use a mask of eyelashes of colored , no choice but to use a black eyeliner or dark brown.

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