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The essential masks you should do once a week

The essential masks you have (or should) do once a week


The essential masks you should do once a week

The essential masks you have (or should) do once a weekThe masks are products of beauty that can not miss in the vanity of everyone. However, many times due to lack of time, or due to lack of knowledge, they do not do as often as they should, nor do they apply all the necessary ones. Actually, there are not so many. And, a good day to do it is Sunday because you have more time and it is possible to respect the application guidelines. In addition, it is a more relaxed day, which allows the skin to absorb all the extra contributions better .


The face is important to take care of it with masks because this way it can be given an additional contribution to the one made with the daily care creams. In this case, the best thing is always to choose-especially if you do not have much time-a mask with triple effect . In this way, it is convenient to clean, have nutritious action and also be antioxidant .

Apart from the skin of the face, one should also take care of the lips because they are often the forgotten ones. And they also need extra care. The best masks are those that provide them with hydration and that contain hyaluronic acid to prevent their aging. You can even apply one that has a volume effect.

Feet and hands

Many people do not usually make masks on their feet and hands. However, they are areas of the body that also need them. Of course, you always have to use specific masks for each of these body parts. In fact, they are considered a complementary treatment to manicures and pedicures .

Hair masks

The hair is another area that can not be forgotten when talking about basic and essential care. Whether it is winter or summer, masks are essential because there is specific damage at each time of year.

For example, now in winter the best thing is a mask that nourishes well the scalp for what is important that incorporates natural oils, argan, avocado, jojoba or coconut, enter others.

Nutrition is also important during the summer to avoid all the effects of the sun, the beach, the sand or the chlorine in the pool. In any case, to enhance its effect , unless the conditions of use of the mask indicate otherwise, it is advisable to wrap the hair in a hot towel .

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