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By heredity, excess hair, diseases and treatments like chemotherapy, eyebrows and eyelashes may be very sparsely populated and if people really suffer a significant decline in self-esteem. It is the look is one of the things that stand out from the face, so the cosmetic surgery microimplants of eyelashes and eyebrows can be life changing for those who need this procedure.

The cosmetic surgery Microimplants of eyelashes and eyebrows

Some accidents such as burns, diseases and birth defects can remove the face eyebrows and eyelashes. The eyebrows and eyelashes are important to the symmetry of the face.

This is the same technique that has long been applied as a treatment for baldness, where hair is removed from the neck area, and is inserted into the area to be re-haired people. In the case of micrografting of eyelashes and eyebrows, will be placed where the hair bulbs.

This technique should be carried out by plastic surgeons, surgical characteristics as it has, beyond its simplicity. That is why only performed in specialized clinical and not all of them offers this alternative, however, the option exists. It is also the surgeon who chooses according to hair color and thickness, which is closest to the eyebrows, thence removed and repositioned in the eyebrow.

Under local anesthesia, is performed microscopic dissection of each hair or graft, one by one. It must take into account the angle and direction of growth, mimicking natural hair, placing each hair individually also the tab or eyebrow isolating the hair so that it is surrounded by a minimal tissue. With a needle in a half-moon, the hair is threaded and placed on the eyelid or eyebrow area, in a curved incision along the same direction of eyelash or eyebrow original. The idea, in the case of the eyebrow, is to give an optimal way. It microimplants 25 to 30 hairs per tab, and a little more on the eyebrows. The procedure lasts one to three hours.

After performing the procedure you must avoid sun exposure in the treated area and take some of the usual anti-inflammatory at best may be some discomfort or burning in the disturbed areas, but is tolerable and disappears after a couple of days.

Preventive maintenance must be cut neatly eyebrows and eyelashes and care once a week. In the case of the tabs, is very useful to have a clamp curling – even come some thermal does best – and certainly the mascara makes the implant will look much more.

Not all people are good candidates for surgery, but who have made have been happy with the spectacular results. Regain confidence to expose his face to others, and certainly that adds much to the esteem of the person.

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