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The feeding is the perfect alidada to have a flat stomach
Many women dream of having a flat stomach . The truth is that sometimes, even if you exercise, there are causes such as inadequate nutrition or hormonal changes that prevent achieving that goal. When this problem is related to abdominal swelling , you can put into practice a series of tips and dietary guidelines that will show a totally flat belly.

Eating  salad is the best method to have a flat stomach, regardless of whether or not physical exercise is done. One of the best foods is cucumber because it has quercetin, which is an antioxidant flavonoid that reduces inflammation.

The asparagus are also indicated to have a flat stomach. The reason is not that they help to eliminate liquids from the body, apart from contributing to lighten digestions, especially when the person has difficulty doing them. The pineapple is an excellent fruit because it contains bromelain . Its role focuses on absorbing proteins , apart from facilitating a greater amount of indissoluble fiber, which results in rapid elimination of toxins.

In addition to pineapple, there are other fruits that are excellent like banana and papaya. For example, the banana is rich in potassium , which helps prevent fluid retention and regulate sodium levels in the body. For its part, papaya favors digestion and is anti-inflammatory , characterizing itself as being very rich in fiber. And, finally, there is chia , which has a high content of omega-3 , differentiating its seeds for its anti-inflammatory power. With its intake it also helps to compensate the swelling produced by other foods in the body.

Other tips

To achieve a flat stomach, in addition to putting these feeding tips into practice, it is also convenient to adopt other guidelines such as taking infusions to facilitate digestion and avoid gas . The most suitable are fennel, anise, boldo and licorice.

The sweeteners should not be taken because they are difficult to digest and cause bloating, like the carbonated beverage , even without sugar, because swollen belly.

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