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The best beauty tricks of the grandmothers (and that still work)

The best beauty tricks of the grandmothers (and that still work)

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The best beauty tricks of the grandmothers (and that still work)

The best beauty tricks of the grandmothers (and that still work)There are hints of beauty that are not really effective, although they go by word of mouth over the centuries. However, there are others that, on the contrary, are good remedies. Of them, in addition, its effectiveness has been demonstrated . Probably, some of you will know them because they were the ones that grandmothers used . But if you do not know them, here we tell you some that have happened over time and that continue to work.


Cold water is one of the best remedies for beauty. The key is to know how to use it. And is that washing your face is not a gesture as simple as it seems. The secret is to start with a first wash with warm water to finish with a small touch of cold water.

This system allows the skin to be better cleaned and the pores to be closed, in addition to contributing to make the face firmer because hot water favors sagging. Another positive effect is that the skin is much brighter .


To many people it happens that they put on perfumes and, after a while, they no longer notice the smell. This has an easy solution that is none other than doing the same as our grandmothers. The key here is to put it on the parts of the body where the bloodstream circulates . In particular, these areas are the inner side of the knees and the elbows , as well as the ankles and behind the ears .


The grandmothers, in general, did not use blusher because it was a product that did not even exist as such. However, they could give a pink touch to his cheeks. It was what was known as the blush .

And how did they do it? Very simple: with the lipstick , which was applied in three strategic points of the cheek. With it, three points were drawn in the shape of a triangle , and later, they were extended in the area in small touches.


In the past, there were no fixators and lacquer was not always an accessible product for all women. And, how were these rebellious hair problems solved? Vaseline was used , which can help you in case of trouble and emergency to keep hair at bay.

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