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Summer! Simple, comfortable and trendy clothes for girls

A lot of color, comfort and comfort what we bring you in these 7 garments for girls, that in addition to making her look adorable

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Summer! Simple, comfortable and trendy clothes for girls

Summer is coming and with the most attractive clothes for girls and is that making them shine like the sun in the most cheerful season of the year is very easy, if you consider purchasing these 7 essential garments and accessories that are the “must have” of the summer on the world’s catwalks.

A lot of color, comfort and comfort what we bring you in these 7 garments for girls, that in addition to making her look adorable, will make her a little fashionista that those who find her way will not be able to stop looking. With the style is born and more if it comes from a mom addicted to fashion.

These 7 garments for girls, are basic for the summer because they are pieces that you will use in the outings and typical meetings of this season full of heat and sun where the most important thing is that our kids are comfortable and fresh to enjoy.

A lot of color, comfort and comfort what we bring you in these 7 garments for girls, that in addition to making her look adorable

Swimsuit or Swimwear for girls:

This we present below with a print “navy” is the latest fashion in girls’ clothes , summer version. The blue, white and red colors combined give that navy look that will make your little girl look glamorous when playing in the pool with her family and friends.

Plastic sandals or flip flops:

In print animal print, these adorable flip flops are ideal to go to the pool or go out to play on the street. They are clothes for girls infallible in the summer season and will offer comfort and freshness to the little feet of your little fashionista.


Protecting them from sunlight is always a priority for a mother. But we can also do this considering fashion. In the market you will find beautiful prints on hats for girls. With this practical garment for girls you can keep your hair in place while your baby runs, plays and has fun . In addition the caps are great to cover your face of the sun and avoid annoying and dangerous burns before the inclement sun.


This adorable accessory for girls is something that you should NOT miss to make a “total fashion look”, girls always want to look as pretty as mom and that is why they love to wear sunglasses that are made to measure. With this garment feels that you imitate and you are also getting harmful ultraviolet rays penetrate directly into their eyes.

Flips flops

These beautiful sandals with gladiator sole is the latest trend for mothers and daughters. This accessory can not be missing in girls’ clothes either, since in summer there are many outings and meetings that will need your child to have a more formal look without leaving this cool and comfortable . With these beautiful sandals you can get it.


When it comes to covering the sun , but you want your baby to look more formal, this hat is the perfect garment for girls for the occasion. Your baby will look simply adorable with this look and also protect your face from the sun’s rays.

Floral Dress

A nice floral dress can not miss in the set of clothes for girls. This is a piece that screams Summer! at its maximum expression. The flowers are the IN of this season , they bring a fresh and glamorous look to those outdoor events that are the wave during that season. This is a piece that you should not stop buying for your little girl’s wardrobe.

We hope that with this brief but super IN guide you know what are the clothes for girls that you can not stop buying to enter the summer with what is super fashion for your baby. These garments are basic for a summer wardrobe that you can combine with other light cotton garments from other seasons and play fashion with your pretty doll. And being a mother of a girl is having a doll for life.

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