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In previous days, we talked about perfumes with intense aromas and more fresh ones to give away this Christmas in 2019. However, there are people who prefer more subtle fragrances and a more moderate aroma. For them, there are also gift proposals and novelties that arrive for this Christmas. This is a selection of the main ones.


From this signature, comes Kenzo World Power , which is defined as a fragrance that does not carry floral aromas and non-gender to reinvent femininity without using the floral concept. His proposal is based on a fragrance that is based mainly on sea ​​salt and tonka bean , resulting in an aroma that is defined by the brand as optimistic, real and without filters.


Within the Tous fragrances, we find Touch The Luminous Gold , which is an eau de toillette that is characterized by being fresh and having notes of white flowers . In addition, touches of lemon, blackcurrant, musk, jasmine and patchouli are also perceived.

Zadig & Voltaire

Within the Tous fragrances, we find Touch The Luminous Gold

This firm has launched a new version of its Girls Can Do Anything perfume , which it launched about a year ago. It is defined as a floral fragrance with some intensity, but very delicate . Its notes include peony, vanilla, sandalwood, lavender, geranium and tonka bean.


The proposal of this firm is Twilly D’Hermès Eau Poiverée . A long and somewhat complex name for a fragrance that is characterized by being dusty and smells of pink, pink berry and patchouli. Of this fragrance, its bottle is also striking , as it is marketed with a silk spaghetti knotted to the bottle. The key is that this kind of loop can become a bracelet . Without a doubt, a good option because two gifts go in one.

Narciso Rodríguez

The firm proposes Gracious Spray for her , which has been reinvented with a new vaporizer that perfumes more with a single movement. As for its aroma, it is characterized by the smell of musk .

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