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Spray Makeup: How to apply?

Spray Makeup How to apply

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Spray Makeup: How to apply?

The spray makeup has a lot of futuristic and theatrical aspects. The voices are saying about cross: some say it is excessive eccentricity, and never stop using the makeup brush, others less apocalyptic, smile with this method is ultimately savings for the pocket while its cost, its rarity itself, is higher than the traditional makeup. In any case, you should know how to apply, as their use continues to be, ultimately, very funny.


Spray Makeup How to apply

The effect achieved is that of a thin film and the main advantage is that it covers all imperfections, so that optimal use is as a pre-base. So far, those who most use the airbrush makeup are professional models, i.e., their makeup artists because of this cosmetic finish is very photographic. The skin is completely smooth, as if it had been retouched with Photoshop.


Method of Application

First of all, the ideal is to use a headband or clip hair. It is also a good idea to prevent stains on clothing, especially if they’re too showers in the use of aerosol.

The aerosol should be shaken before use and is good to check before the product is well prepared to apply a bit just in the back of the hand.

Before applying the spray, you must manually place the base in the eyes and in most important areas to cover, such as a stain or mole.

Now, began to apply it in circles from six inches from your face away, always in the same direction, being careful not to overdo it and without leaving the neck and chest. Wait a few seconds to be absorbed and then give those drumming fingers to help it dry and set.

For a superb finish, it is best with a good brush to apply powder foundation compact. The result is sensational, as we are helping the spray to adhere and remove any excess brightness resulting from the aerosol.


Some brands that incorporate this system of spray makeup were Dior, with its Airflash, and Temptu, who threw a beautiful kit and highly recommended for those who engage in professional makeup. Another innovation is the signature of the SK-II, creator of Air Touch Foundation. Meanwhile, Revlon pulled a spray mousse called precisely Photoready (for what we said of artistic photography), while Loreal continues to offer his classic self-tanning spray, which could be considered as a prototype of the makeup appeared later.

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