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Some common hair washing mistakes that can weaken your hair

hair washing mistakes

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Some common hair washing mistakes that can weaken your hair

Every woman wants long and shiny hair. But sometimes they unknowingly damage their own hair while washing. The key to having beautiful, shiny, soft, silky hair is giving the necessary care to the scalp and maximum care for the hair. It is important to differentiate the two because, if you don’t, you could compromise hair health. And this is precisely the main mistake, according to the expert, that we make when washing hair, but there are some more.

hair washing mistakes

Using the same shampoo for hair and scalp

The scalp must be washed and kept clean, it is the base of the hair, on which it will grow strong and beautiful, and that is why it must be treated as the most important part. This is something that many people are unaware of. If you do not have any pathology, there is no problem in using the same shampoo, but if, for example, you have oily scalp and dry hair, then you have a problem, if you use the same one. You can have a dry, oily, sensitive or irritated scalp and they must be treated with their corresponding shampoos.

Rubbing hair while washing

Even in hairdressing salons they tend to rub the hair a lot and this makes it curl more, when the cuticle opens. You have to massage the scalp with the specific shampoo and take advantage of the second soap to clean the hair, letting the shampoo fall, rubbing gently with your hands. When drying, don’t rub it either.

You have to massage the scalp with the specific shampoo and take advantage of the second soap to clean the hair

There is a myth that is still very popular according to which if you have oily hair you have to wash it less so that the fat is regulated. It is not true. The fat chokes the follicle and makes it more dirty, so it is better to wash off the oily scalp than not wash it off. Wash it whenever you feel dirty, if necessary daily, nothing happens, if you choose the right shampoo.

Wash dry hair or scalp a lot

Quite the contrary occurs in the case of dry scalp or dry hair. If we wash it very often, we will make its lipid layer disappear. In this type of pathology, we recommend limiting washing days to when necessary and using soft and moisturizing products.

Using products that are not suitable for you

If you have a dry scalp choose mild and moisturizing shampoos, do not abuse the dryer or astringent products. If you have an oily scalp you will have to use products with antifungal and antiseptic properties that include assets such as zinc, curbicea or melaleuca. If your scalp is sensitive , look for soothing shampoos containing mint, eucalyptus …

If your hair is dry, look for products that provide nutrition. On colored hair, it is better to use sulfate-free products to prevent color fading. If you have gray, white or platinum blonde hair, choose products with purple pigments. If your hair is fine, avoid the silicones that give it more weight and crush it. To care for curly hair, you have to hydrate and nourish a lot .

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