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You know that a good look depends a lot on the eyebrows, these are most attractive part of the eyes and do not look neat without makeup. Some women are lucky enough to have the benefit of being disciplined and tidy eyebrows, only with hair and hairstyle is enough to keep them nice.

In case you have thick eyebrows have to tune them for more space around the eyes

But other women do not have this advantage and must rely on beauty treatments to help eyebrows hair. The smoothing eyebrows Cosmetic treatment is useful in these cases that allows smooth unruly hair getting a flawless look.

The smoothing eyebrows is precisely what makes hair growth modeling to grow up together and look much better aesthetically.

Product application takes half an hour and the duration of the effect depends on the thickness of the hair (6-8 weeks), longer duration when the hair is thinner and docile. It is a hypoallergenic treatment that does not burn or irritate the skin, so it can perform almost all women who want it.

But that’s not all, in addition to smooth the eyebrow hair is also important to model them because when they are too close to the eyes, the look is very dark and you need to create space between them in order to get light. Moreover, when they look straight expression is hard, it is essential to create a smooth arc in the middle of the eyebrows to correct this.

Before proceeding with shaved eyebrows, you have to comb and then holding the skin between the toes begin to remove hairs one in the same sense in which they grow.

The eyebrows according to your face type

If you have a round face

Ideally, generating long eyebrows with something high end to give the illusion of a slimmer face.

If you have a square face

Tweeze eyebrows so they are a well arched smooth curve, and as you brush removing eyebrow hairs upward until you find the perfect shape for your face.

Depending on the shape of the eye

If you have small eyes

In case you have thick eyebrows have to tune them for more space around the eyes.

If you have aging eyes:

If you have thick or thin eyebrows this makes you look much older, therefore you must pluck so you have a smooth arched not extending the natural length of the eye and should have a gentle slope upward.

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