Shopping with the baby in tow: the rules not to miss the balances

Shopping with the baby in tow the rules not to miss the balances

It’s time to shop and above all secure. The mothers are already concerned about: how can they with their children? Of course you can not drag them as packages from store to store especially with the terrible heat of the last days. But you waited so long and now giving up would be a shame. If you do not have grandma or dad willing to do babysitting, follow a few rules to bring the baby with you while shopping season. First of all, the best choice falls on the mall.

Shopping with the baby in tow the rules not to miss the balances

I know that often the best shops and even those are more expensive in the city center, but these large structures are air conditioned and are more fun for the kids. Usually there is a playground, there are a few shops and bars to suit them. This will prevent heat and will help to take the child to have fun. Also, here – in a few yards – all you have to make even the shopping.

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The second rule is to pay attention to clothing. “The child should not be too open in the store if the temperature is low, and you must pay attention to changes that are coming out of suffering. The ideal is to dress the baby in layers so you can add or remove something based on the climate of the moment.” Then ask for help in choosing the clothes from your children. It is a way to stimulate their taste and also their autonomy. Finally, remember a nice break with snack: ice cream might be the right choice, but also a good juice.

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