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Shea and cocoa butter for skin care

Aromatherapy is widely used because it is proven to reduce the emotional swings

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Shea and cocoa butter for skin care

The vegetable shortenings are widely used by the cosmetics industry to treat skin and hair care, because of its great capacity to regenerate and moisturize intensely. As natural nutritional agents, the most commonly used in cosmetic butters are those that come from cocoa and Shea, are found in all types of presentations.

Aromatherapy is widely used because it is proven to reduce the emotional swings

All the butters are characterized by thick creamy consistency which often sold as a component of creams or pure state (especially bio marks) which allows use of directly applying it to the skin. Simply requires a small amount, rubbing between the palms of your hands to becomes more liquid and can be placed anywhere in the body.

Cocoa butter

It is a substance that is extracted from the cocoa, of its roasted seeds beans. Intense yellow colour, it looks like a wax and it is used both for the cosmetic industry as food.

Between its main properties stands out as an extraordinary moisturizing that delays the loss of water in the skin, that characteristic makes it key to hydration in the skin. It has protective and restorative action because it contains antioxidants that can be used to retard the aging of skin or rejuvenate it.

It also has a characteristic, warm and sweet scent that penetrates to the smell. Aromatherapy is widely used because it is proven to reduce the emotional swings, helping combat depression and enhancing the function of the brain.

It has an analgesic and anti-inflammatory function ideal for scarring, being used in ointments or topical applications for any type of skin lesion such as dry lips, Burns, hemorrhoids, wounds and cracks in the breast by the fact breastfeeding.

This butter is well absorbed with the skin leaving it soft, with a pleasant aroma. To get to that State must be fused to body temperature to be applied.

Shea butter

It is extracted from the fruit of a wild African tree that looks like a walnut. Its bark is green and Brown inside. Fat that is extracted from the nut, traditionally, it has been one of the main fats in the diet of the tribes of the area. Butter, is obtained from the maceration of the fruit and has long been only cosmetic of African women, who use as a nutritive moisturising to avoid skin peeling, care for and protect dry hair.

It is also known as Shea Butter, and used as a natural alternative to cortisone (in cases of atopic dermatitis or eczema) even in children.

It is a cell regenerator natural with large smoothing and restructuring properties in wrinkles and stretch marks, as well as protective for lips and especially sensitive areas. It has a high content in vitamin F, vital component of cell membranes. It protects the UV sun rays and regenerates damaged hair. You can also use as a hair mask before bathing.

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