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Popular and seductive Makeup style of the 60s

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Popular and seductive Makeup style of the 60s

One of the most interesting decades in regards to fashion and style has been one of the year 60, which marked the popular use of the miniskirt, the exaggerated makeup, hairstyles with hair pieces and the end of the decade, with hippie movement that generates another kind of beauty.

Certainly makeup has been a major player among women setting a very own style, which is taken as inspiration even today.

supermodel Kate Moss also the production honors recently published by Vanity Fair where she looks very sexy

The look of these years had two well-defined styles representing characters like the model Twiggy, who wore short hair, short skirts all the time and a very special style of makeup to highlight her large eyes. Generally what characterized at the time was very neat skin with shades of matte natural bases, where the star presence carried her eyes. These very marked, torn, giving the feeling of being huge due to the use of shadow and eyeliner too.

Prominence in the eyes

The outlined was the basis of all makeup, was done with black eyeliner, much better if it’s fluid or fiber style to draw the line better and last longer. The liner was placed in both the upper lashes, as lower, finishing long and steep peaks.

Shades of dark tones were used to mark the bone in the basin of the eyelid with crescent shaped, making an arc from the tear to the outer end of the eye.

Colors also took center stage in the eyelids, the most used blues, turquoise, green and pink. Always designed to tone the entire area.

The lashes were the final touch to complete this style as ornate as they used fake usually very long and very loud for above. At the lower dose of good mask and even in some cases false or black eyeliner, drawn, simulating false.

Another feature is that it uses the white eyeliner pencil inside the eye to open and eyebrows much pluck and refine arched.

In the late ’60s to see changes and makeup a bit left out so much color and shading that gives the appearance of droopy eyes. With fashion hippie hair is loose, lays black or dark brown shadow and the outline is still going strong. The look is more relaxed about the tones, but prevailing thick lines and the excess mascara.

How to achieve the makeup of ’60

To finish the face, cheekbones marked used in very light pink or orange and lips are barely present with gloss juicy but clear and bright colors.
In short, all the attention is on the top of the face, eyes and hair that complements.

The sixties today

Very amazing versions of the sixties are seen every day on the runways or in women who do not lose those touches to makeup. An example of this took two looks inspired by celebrities Brigitte Bardot.

One example is the actress Sienna Miller in the movie Alfie, playing Nikki, with her long blonde hair with soft waves, with volume at the top of the head and bangs. Her makeup is very pronounced with emphasis on the eyes with a black pencil on makeup around the eyelid to the bone fixed eyelid. The lower eyelid is also intensely makeup and lines the inside of the eye to close with the top line on the tear.

With just eyeliner fiber and neutral tones, this look is achieved only requires very precise

Under eyebrows to illuminate a light shade, black mascara in dark, she used at least two applications, and a pink nude lips. To clearly define the cheekbones, terracotta tone that gives a little color while applying the cheekbones up below the bone and not on this.

Meanwhile, supermodel Kate Moss also the production honors recently published by Vanity Fair where she looks very sexy, with a neater look in her shoulder-length blond hair, defined eyes with cat eye well black, eyelashes very presence and porcelain face.

The ’60s were the era that marked several icons of the era, highlighted by her sensuality and style. The base was in hair and eyes to get a look stunning, sexy, but not too bold.

With just eyeliner fiber and neutral tones, this look is achieved only requires very precise when it comes to drawing the line delineated.

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