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To my preference, the strong favorite eye makeup is in the eye . Women have the distinction of being very expressive eyes … a look can snatch a heart or put in place to anyone in need. Strengthen and enhance the look is one of the premises of makeup. It is no coincidence that so many products for eye makeup: eyeliner, mascara, arqueadores, shadows, etc.

Secrets of professional amakeup tips for eyes and eyebrows

Use the handle of a brush mascara to lift from the ground and up and back while maquillas. Gives first a layer to the upper face and then proceeds with the underside of them as usual. If necessary you can review and give two or three hands to increase thickness and length. Make sure it is clean and dry

To reduce swelling of eyelids you can apply a cold lotion that you have placed in the refrigerator or 10 minutes cold gel eye mask.

To prolong the life of your mascara, add a few drops of saline into the tube and shake the brush. This increases moisture and revitalize the formula. Apply mascara before liquid eyeliner to create a guide to cover perfectly the line and achieve a cat’s eye.

My favorite tips to look younger is to use a highlighter or highlight color in the inner corner of the eye, then precipitate with a fan brush under the eye. Increases the brightness of the face.

Use graphite pencil # 2, to make them up. Are the shade perfect for sketching natural hairs on the eyebrows. Sharpen one to one point and draw hair lightly, is an excellent finish to a perfect eyebrow. Apply a balm nourishing your eyebrows before bedtime. This will ensure greater strength and helps the growth of eyebrows.

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