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The secret of a good makeup has a lot to do with the state of the skin . If we flaky, dry skin or impurities achieved is not the best. Reliefs and focuses on where the makeup is made ​​thicker be noticed. The resulting heterogeneous texture.

In this note I’ll tell you how to prepare your skin to look radiant with makeup , so can make the most of it.
The secret of a good makeup has a lot to do with the state of the skin

In the first instance it should be cleaned. It’s a foolproof step because this way you eliminate the peeling skin, impurities and blackheads and the skin becomes smooth, bright and homogeneous. With a good facial cleansing absorption of the base is not concentrated in drier or dirty areas. Be sure to choose a product suitable for your skin type.

Apply egg white on the face (especially around the eyes) about an hour or two before the event. Beat until frothy is achieved, apply all over face and leave on for 20 minutes. Then wash with warm water and immediately apply your makeup. The white of egg tense skin and wrinkles to give you a temporary lift to your face.

For mixed or oily skin prone to apply a light moisturizer. Those of gel texture, are specially designed for these cases.

Dry skin or very cold dry winters? Take one egg yolk and a tablespoon of olive oil extra virgin and mixing until homogeneous, then smeared all over your face. Leave on for 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. This treatment is highly moisturizing for the skin and gives the face a glow and luminosity most beautiful you have ever seen!

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