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To take away years is the desire of many women, although it has not yet reached middle age. The makeup as always is a good ally to achieve this goal. With a few simple tricks it is possible to “camouflage” the age you have using some basic products which are in the need of every woman.

It is always said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. And it is true also in beauty

The first step to get subtractive years is to work on the skin of the face in order to avoid any possible imperfections. For this, do not add layers and layers of makeup or products with very dense textures because they dry the skin a lot. It is best to choose those that are fluid and light . And, if you have to cover imperfections that are still seen after putting on makeup, it is best to use concealers in those areas.


It is always said that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. And it is true also in beauty. They are one of the parts of the face in which age is most noticeable. To hide the years, a good trick is to use an eyelash curler because this creates a higher eyelid effect. Then, use mask of eyelashes, but without overdoing not to create a look of fatigue.


The blush of youth can be recovered using rouge . The most suitable colors are the pastel tones , especially those that have a certain pink touch. In addition, it is of great help to elevate the cheekbones if applied slightly towards the temple.


In the mouth, the trick is to add volume to the lips. This advice is really the easiest to apply because you just have to put a little lip gloss to create the optical effect of thicker and fleshy lips. The color you choose has to be natural and not too dark. In addition, if the lips are to be drawn , the profiler has to be exactly the same tone.

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