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Risk of frequent use of High Heels

Risk of frequent use of High Heels


Risk of frequent use of High Heels

Risk of frequent use of high heels. It is true that high heels are feminine, stylized figure and are very sensual, but if you use them too often you can pay a price too high and not just economic.

Risk of frequent use of High Heels

According to experts the frequent use of this type of shoe supports joint wear and appearance of knee osteoarthritis. Although not proven that wearing high heels on a regular basis is the main cause of osteoarthritis, it is clear that predisposes itself to these problems, which increases the higher the heel.

Higher heels create a greater understanding of the knee, compared with those who have an average height or lower. Hence the fact that prolonged use and walking in heels over time contributes to the onset of problems and joint osteoarthritis of the knee.


In the higher heel the risks are increased because the load on the joints is much more important in every step taken. On the other hand, besides the problems in the legs, the lower back is also suffering the consequences of using this style of footwear, especially the change of position that involves its use.

Other consequences of high heels are swollen feet, tendonitis, Morton’s neuroma, metatarsal pain, stitches in the arch of the foot, retraction of twins, instability in the ankles, pain in the back of the legs, tension muscle, spine deformities, calluses and rough appearance, among others.

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