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How to Recycle an Old Sweater

You can make a hand-sewn simile and a finite hem to make it neat.

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How to Recycle an Old Sweater

We are already in autumn and temperatures begin to fall, so you have to start taking out the warm clothes we have stored. Each new season we renew some clothes of the wardrobe, and it is not bad thing to be able to do it without spending money. How? By recycling the Sweater we no longer use because we consider it old fashioned.

You can make a hand-sewn simile and a finite hem to make it neat.

Today I teach you to recycle an old sweater by taking your back, I assure you that it is a super easy job and really look good.

What you need?

An old sweater that is in good condition. Ideally, it should be a medium knit fabric with a heavy texture, a higher cotton percentage than an acrylic one.

  • Scissors
  • Needle and pins
  • Thread the same color as the sweater
  • Large satin ribbon of the same tone as the sweater or a matching color.


Step by Step

Place the sweater on a flat surface, with the front down and decide where you want to cut.

Mark the area to be cut by putting the garment upside down and measuring each side well. You can make a triangle cut, starting from the edges and tapering inwards towards the neck.

Measures, then sews the edges. You can make a hand-sewn simile and a finite hem to make it neat.

Take the satin ribbon and cut it in half, burning each end with a lighter so it does not fray. Fold the ends and pin them to the back of the neck of the sweater.

Measure the garment and decide the length of the tapes. Do not forget to scorch the tip if you cut it.

Ready! You already have your new sweater ready to release.

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