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Daily washing and combing is not ideal for healthy hair, especially when hair is colored. The dry shampoo is a viable alternative for many women, but despite being useful, it also brings some disadvantages. Here’s how to, how and when to use, its benefits and disadvantages.

Pros dry shampoo

This product is able to reduce the oiliness of the hair without washing. The dry shampoo usually comes in an aerosol can, and apply it absorbs oil and dirt, and then easily brush and remove all traces of product.
Dry shampoo misused can leave white residue
Also it serves to apply in specific areas, for example in the bangs or when the roots need a touch, without all the hair washed.

Dry shampoo helps to prolong the life of a hairstyle, especially those that are large in volume. Applying the roots, brushing and using the dryer, the same hairstyle recovers the stylist did the first day.

To avoid daily washing and drying, the dry shampoo is a kind of capillary protector that prevents the natural oils of the scalp is lost and the damage generated by the heat of styling tools.

Prolongs the life of the dye. Vibrant colors usually disappear with ease by frequent washing, therefore, in addition to using a shampoo for dyed hair, go intercropped with the use of a dry shampoo.

Cons dry shampoo

This product can be very beneficial, but has a couple of cons that should be considered before using it regularly.

You can reduce glare and make the hair look dull and dry, especially when too much product is used.

It is also likely to increase dandruff, especially in cases of dry scalp skin because the powder dry product is capable of much more and encourage skin desquamation.

Abuse and accumulation of dry shampoo can clog the pores of the scalp, which ultimately generates comedones and in severe cases, cysts. On the other hand, clogged pores can lead to hair loss and hair growth problems.

Dry shampoo misused can leave white residue, and this is very noticeable in dark hair. Always strive to apply sparingly and brush well to remove all.

Some cheap dry shampoos can contain traces of an ingredient harmful to health such as aluminum starch octenyl succinate. This substance is associated with an increased risk of cancer, and also environmental problems. Always try to use a high-end dry shampoo or ecological alternative.

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