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In August of this year Prada launched the new fragrance, the Prada Candy. It is characterized by aromas of musk and caramel and transmits an impulsive style, excessive and passionate, as can be seen in commercial Prada Candy, one of the best perfume commercials ever seen.

Prada Candy delight in the new women’s fragrance

The basis of Prada Candy is composed of benzoin, a tree resin with a fragrance like sarsaparilla or root beer (a typical drink of United States) in some countries, known as malt. It’s a sweet aroma with herbal notes.

Prada’s director said that smelling this fragrance feels that things are in place, everything looks perfect. Not a smell overwhelming, crushing the contrary, is a fragrance that highlights the qualities of natural and wild passion that all women have by nature. She says that Candy Prada perfume is a revolutionary break with the normal and established to achieve the exaggerated without being overwhelming. Not a good mix?


Since August, Prada Candy is in all drugstores. Version also comes in body lotion and shower gel so you have the entire collection. The Prada-loving, usually older women, are willing to try this new fragrance and is great because the fragrances we use say a lot about our personality, because they reveal our style and our way of seeing life.

Some say “just a perfume” but Prada Candy is not just a perfume, is a way to identify and show who you are and what you are.

We recommend Prada Candy so you can show all your femininity.

Comes in packs of 30, 50 and 80 ml and many women have already purchased. This perfume is prepared to go to young women below 40 which is characterized by impulsiveness and passion.

The design of the bottle is very stylish, with umbrella-shaped spray. The young woman’s image looks young and carefree fragrance for life, which conveys very well what kind of girl says this perfume. Its fragrance is sweet, as is the style of Prada.

Prada Candy instantly seduce, making those who use it show its most passionate, more impulsive, more feminine. Prada Candy intends to take a walk along the edges of the wild to seduce with naturalness.


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