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The makeup is an indispensable tool of beauty, but if you do not pay attention, so favorable these same tools can become a major source of health problems that are totally predictable.

The relationship between the use of makeup and acne breakouts is something that gives you some time to talk. While some ingredients cosmetics can cause acne, one of the main reasons why outbreaks is increased when using a makeup tool without hygiene.

The lack of knowledge and a little negligence when it comes to maintaining clean makeup tools, can have negative effects on the skin and even trigger some nasty infections.

Maturity of your makeup products

It’s no secret that the products are used beyond their expiration date are the ones most likely to be contaminated. So you have to know the expiry date of cosmetics to prevent contamination with germs and bacteria.

One of the easiest ways to know if the product is overdue are changes in color, consistency or odor thereof. However, until you notice these changes may be too late.

The lack of knowledge and a little negligence when it comes to maintaining clean makeup tools

The powder eye shadow, blush or bronzing powder, lipstick and eyeliner pencils have a longer shelf life, approximately two years.

The lip gloss cream base and compact like spell last about a year and half. Instead, eyeshadows and mascara, liquid eyeliners or shadows last only 3-6 months from the time it was first opened.

Shared Makeup

We all like to be a professional makeup artist makeup on, but this can be risky. Because these products are used in hundreds of women, is very likely to be contaminated by germs and bacteria highly harmful.

The only risk is reduced if the makeup brushes used to apply cosmetics, and these are disinfected after each use, which is obviously unlikely.

Another detail is that sharing makeup with a friend can also cause problems, such as eye makeup can spread conjunctivitis, while lipstick and lip gloss herpes.

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