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The renowned makeup artist and creator of a line of cosmetics major, Bobbi Brown, reveals the simplest way of achieving a natural makeup lasting all day. In just 10 steps can be an expert according to your beauty routine.

Perfect Makeup in 10 steps, by Bobbi Brown

Before starting the makeup products, face care is an essential step to make the skin look and feel in top form. The food, environment and stress affect the skin daily, so treatment should be adjusted according to these factors.


Proper moisture will give your skin the fresh look and the perfect preparation for makeup. Also need to hydrate the delicate area under the eyes with a light eye cream to ensure that the correction is applied smoothly and correctly.

Perfect Makeup in 10 steps by Bobbi Brown

1. Pre-corrector/Corrector

For dark circles, dark very marked, starts with a pre-corrector to eliminate the darkness under the eye. The shades of pink and blue circles neutralize the peach tones neutralize the purple-brown circles. Then, use a concealer with a yellow base, a shade lighter than your skin to give light to the area under the eyes. Using the concealer brush, apply it as close to the lashes as possible. Also give soft touches with the fingers to fuse with your skin.


Perfect Makeup in 10 steps by Bobbi Brown

2. Base

Try some shades of base on one side of the face and see the colors in natural light. The tone is right away. Use your fingers or a sponge to apply foundation in those areas that need to be unified (around the nose and lips when redness). For full coverage, use the brush to apply and distribute based on the entire face.


Perfect Makeup in 10 steps by Bobbi Brown

3. Translucent powder and bronzer

To achieve a perfect finish and durable apply volatile dust on the corrector and the entire face using a powder brush, eye blender brush and around the eye. To give a warm touch to the skin, apply bronzing powder with a brush bronzer brush in places where the sun tends to give more color to the face: cheeks, forehead, nose and chin.


Perfect Makeup in 10 steps by Bobbi Brown

4. Blush

Smile and apply natural shade of blush similar to when you blush on the apples of the cheeks with the blush brush. Blend up towards the birth of the hair and then down to soften the color.

On the natural tone of blush to apply a light touch of a brighter blush (just over the apples of the cheeks).


Perfect Makeup in 10 steps by Bobbi Brown

5. Lipstick / lip gloss

To select the tone of the lip proper, using color as a guide naturally from his lips. The tone will be better match the natural color or be even a little darker.

 Perfect Makeup in 10 steps by Bobbi Brown

6. Lip Liner

For definition and look natural in the mouth, outline the lips with lip liner after applying lipstick. Use lip brush to soften and blend the color.


Perfect Makeup in 10 steps by Bobbi Brown

7. Eyebrows

Define eyebrows with eye shadow that unifies the hair color, eye brow brush using the eye or determine if you have little beauty in the eyebrows (to fill in shadow). In this case, start at the corner of the inside of the brow, using light strokes to soften and following their natural shape.

Smooth the brow color by applying a small amount of loose powder over the brows with a powder puff powder puff.


Perfect Makeup in 10 steps by Bobbi Brown

8. Eye Shadow

Spread a layer of light-colored shadow from lash to brow bone using the eye shader brush.

Apply a medium shade of shadow on the lower eyelid to the crease and using the eye shadow brush.


Perfect Makeup in 10 steps by Bobbi Brown

9. Eyeliner

Outline the upper lash line using a dark shadow eye liner applied with the brush. For a long lasting look, dampen the brush before applying shadow, or you can use gel liner with ultra long fine eye liner brush.


Perfect Makeup in 10 steps by Bobbi Brown

10. Mask

Choose black mask to create the greatest impact or brown for a softer look. When applying mascara, brush bring the base to tip while you rotate to separate lashes and avoid clumps.

If you decide to bow the tabs, make sure you do before applying mascara, arching lashes after applying mascara the more susceptible to breaking.


Now, with the instructions step by step guide and pictures will be impossible not to achieve a neat makeup enhances your natural beauty. Bobbi Brown, stresses that its goal is to teach women as look and feel better and think it is easy to apply products for all skin types.

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