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How To Overcome Tired Eyes

When experiencing eye fatigue, eye function even then the quality goes down

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How To Overcome Tired Eyes

Most human actions ranging from what it sees, when looking at something, the brain spontaneously follow the work tape of what is perceived by the eye. Activity do not miss seeing this already with the influence of light sharpness level. Increasingly bright light, would be more clear about the object to be seen. Yet in spite of much-needed light to the eyes in carrying out its functions, it turns out the light can also make the eyes become tired easily.

When experiencing eye fatigue, eye function even then the quality goes down. The nerves in the eye of the elastic will experience the tension so that it will adversely affect the health of their own eyes. Indeed, so far considered as the fatigue of the eyes light interference should not be too perturbed. But in some cases eye fatigue can last long run / reset and need serious handling.

When experiencing eye fatigue, eye function even then the quality goes down
Some of the following could be the trigger onset of fatigue in the eye, namely:

Sleeping quality: Good quality sleep will help the eyes relax better, which in turn will influence good for eye health. Sleep quality is not determined by how long you sleep, but sleep as you can twist with the time available.

  • Too many tears
  • Watching television for too long in too close proximity
  • Operate a computer without the aid of a monitor filter
  • Too long to read and read the wrong position (lying down, tilt)

Less nutrients, especially vitamin A, as well as familiarity consume too much fat from protein and fiber. (Health study revealed that people who consume too much fat tend to develop obesity and reducing the quality of function points).

Age: With growing age, the quality also decreases the eye muscles.

One choose sunglasses plus good size and weight minus trivial or glasses frame, can exacerbate eye work. Instead, choose glasses that suit your eye condition. Adjust the minus size or check a manner plus eye clinic eye/optic advance. Choose also a lightweight frame so that the area around the eyes is not burdened with too heavy spectacle frames.

So, what can we do to overcome the tired eye itself? While for most people, tired eyes can occur more than once in a day.

Here we describe the means to do so remain prime eye condition:

  • Winked
  • When you feel the eyes begin to experience fatigue, try to nictitate more often than usual. Winked process proven to reduce the strain on the eye muscles and is considered a form of athletics in the eye.
  • Turned their
  • Gaze if you’re too focused on a particular object long enough time, then try to move the view in the other direction. Staring at an object for too long it will instead trigger point work harder than when you see some different objects in a short time.

Place the cucumber slices

Treat sleep by placing sliced cucumber or strawberry fruit cool in eyes. In addition to ease tired eyes, as this is also good way to stimulate a sense of sleepiness to sleep faster, you also become more twist later.

Consumption of fruit and brightly colored vegetables such as orange and red

Most of brightly colored fruits contain vitamin A which is very high. Can not be denied that much-needed vitamin A by the eye. You can choose carrots, fruit bits, red spinach, sweet purple to complement your daily diet.

Looking shaded colors

Currently daily routine requires you to work in front of a computer monitor, preferably every 2 hours to remove the view on a colored shade. For example, look at the view of the majority of green carpet, carpet color that is not flashy, or a sad color wall paint. Therefore, it’s important that you create a comfortable work space with colors that are not too fiery. Choose furniture and wall colors like soft green, light blue, and gray.


Lay the body when you are tired of the eyes creates a feeling of nausea and dizziness. Look for a flat so you can lie in a straight body position.

Face wash

Face wash not only can you do to remove the stains on the face, but also to remove the fatigue of the eyes. Splash water from the tap.

Arranging space lighting

Too bright light is not always good while reading, of activity in front of the monitor screen, or television. That is why the cinema and the hotel does not provide tools for lights that are too bright. The aim of course is not too hard so that your eyes catch the light that is not easy to become tired eyes.

That’s a few ways you can do to overcome the tired eyes. Hopefully useful.

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