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New Maybelline lipstick, “The Shine”

New Maybelline lipstick The Shine


New Maybelline lipstick, “The Shine”

Sensational and brilliant color is possible with a new presentation of the best-selling brand of cosmetics in the world, Maybelline. Maybelline has a new range of lipstick to complete their collections Sensational Color.


This is a classic lip stick on your type but not in style. It comes with much more brilliance and color depths. It is ideal for this time of year when the colors tend to be more luminous, but never dull because summer brings brightness and freshness in the makeup.

New Maybelline lipstick The Shine


The Shine is the name given to the lips belonging to the family “Sensational Color,” which consists of:

A classic line: various shades ranging from intense pink, fuchsia, violet and purple (all matte and creamy texture).

Another line is “Pearl” offers pearly shades from brown, pink and beige which give a special glow thanks to its micronized pearls and are of long duration.

This new release adds the best of the two preceding and extremely bright colors that capture the moment.

In addition brings the most modern packaging with sparkling accents and silver accents that make very elegant.



Product Details

  • The Color Sensational lipstick provides extreme shine. Shine and shocking reflection on the lips, while the intensely moisturizing due to its unique honey nectar.
  • Its mirrored micro pigments give the most striking colors.
  • The results are a reflection of total use of color, intense moisture and incredible shine.
  • Available in 10 shades shown below. And more intense light pink, brown, violet and red coral style.

New Maybelline lipstick The Shine


For correct use of the product, apply the lipstick starting in the center of the upper lip.

Vanish from the center to the edge of the lip following the contour of the mouth. Repeat the technique on the lower lip.

It is not necessary to use gloss or balm to soften or enhance its brightness. This lipstick has it all.


A lipstick ideal for any woman. Its nourishing formula with honey nectar glides gently and merges with the lips providing a pleasant sensation and a wetting truly amazing. Do not let then try the new Maybelline product that fits both day and night with all its shades.

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