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Natural Hair styles to keep you more fashionable

Natural Hair styles to keep you more fashionable

Hair Fashion

Natural Hair styles to keep you more fashionable

The natural hair style can be done with the minimum effort and without having to use extra elements such as iron or dryer, or need to make only occasional touch on the hair.

Natural Hair styles to keep you more fashionable

This natural tendency is composed of long hair with loose strands, semi collected horse pigtails, buns made ​​to neglect … to get just one look casual but sexy and feminine, useful enough to go outside or to look at a major event.

Wizened Shed styles and free your hair from any structure

Thick bangs: in these cases you can take advantage and make a knot at the top of the head to the side, dropping some highlights, which you can model with a touch of iron and hair dryer.

Natural Hair styles to keep you more fashionable

Hair cut in layers: If you have the hair cut in layers or bangs long hair tied in a ponytail holding the line down the middle or well without it, if it is necessary to model the fringe with the dryer or flat iron.


Wavy Hair: In these cases apply styling cream to your hair to make some well-defined waves and picks up your hair with half tail giving volume on top (this is achieved by using invisible) drops some streaks on the sides and arms well on long loops.

Natural Hair styles to keep you more fashionable

Hair disheveled: Become an unstructured collected with thin braids on the sides and hair adorned with a beautiful buckle that gives a touch of glamour to the hair, leaving loose strands at the sides and shape the bangs to get that look cool but elegant.


Back fringe: bangs if you have something long, you’re leaving you grow or change some aspect nothing better to hold it back with a pair of crutches or a nice buckle, you can make the hair stick with volume or flatter as your preference.


Semi Gamoran picked: just half ponytail with an elastic band or a buckle, bangs and drops the locks on the sides of the face and complements the look with a good and important earrings.


Horsetail: If you get a slightly more formal look, but without being stuffy nothing better than to make a ponytail up high and tight hair dropping previously defined ironing or styling cream.

Natural Hair styles to keep you more fashionable

Extensions fun: if you just want to add a touch of grace to the mane nothing better to decorate with some extensions of color or very fine feathers.


Wave Coleta: If your hair is abundant, long wavy ponytail yourself one on top of the head hair tied getting left with some volume and not very tight, drop sides and wicks well modeled with an iron bangs or dryer.


Herringbone braid: braids or fishtail shank are ideal to get a splendid and simple hairstyle but thin and sexy. Weapon of these strands from the middle of the head down, leaving hair loose and moving as if done carelessly, do not forget to complement the look with a hair accessory or a good pair of gears.

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