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Nail Manicure Gel: Problems and Care

The most common problems are gel nails nail thinning

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Nail Manicure Gel: Problems and Care

The gel for nail manicure usually generates some problems both in the skin and nails in them, that’s why we should do it with the utmost restraint. In this post we mentioned all you need to know about the possible problems caused by the polish manicure gel and how you have to prevent them.

The most common problems are gel nails nail thinning, brittleness, peeling and cracking. These are complications caused by different chemicals used in the process of gel nail application.

The irritation of the skin may also occur as a reaction to the acetone used to remove nail polish or chemicals contained in some gel nail polish.

If you do gel manicure often note that UV light used to “cure” gel manicure is a risk factor for skin cancer. Moreover, exposure to UV lamps can cause changes in the skin around the nails.

The most common problems are gel nails nail thinning

Another factor to consider is that when the nails are covered by the gel sealant receive no moisture surrounding air and makes them vulnerable to fungus or bacteria. They are also prone to infections and even a tumor may go unnoticed under the gel nail polish, which could delay diagnosis and treatment.

Moreover, the gel nail polish tends to cause nails to become more thin and fragile, so it is necessary to space the time between manicures to nail to grow and regenerate.

How to avoid the problems of gel nails

  • Apply a high SPF sunscreen on your hands or use anti-UV gloves to avoid damage caused by exposure to UV rays during the sealing process.
  • When making a gel nail manicure, tell the manicurist that does not push the cuticle, as this increases the risk of inflammation and infection.
  • Avoid gel manicure if you have frequent problems on the nails.
  • To avoid brittleness and chipping nails use vaseline and moisturizer regularly.
  • If you are pregnant you should not make your manicure gel nails, and unusual changes to nails immediate medical consultation.

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